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25 Best Schools in London | 2022

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25 Best Schools in London | 2021

London is England’s capital city, hosting some of the world’s best learning institutions. The city’s unique education system attracts over 100,000 international students. London has many globally recognized schools and offers employment opportunities for individuals looking for greener pastures. This guide provides the top 25 best schools in London and some fantastic facts about educational institutions in the city, including:

  • The best schools in London have an excellent reputation nationally and internationally
  • Most schools in the city use the British or the U.K curriculum. However, some private institutions follow the international Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum.
  • The Department for Business and the Department of Education manages
  • The school year begins in September and ends every July of the next year
  • The school fees you may pay depends on the educational level, or the kind of school you attend

Types of Schools in London

London has different types of schools. You may choose your learning institutions based on your finances and needs. Here are various kinds of schools in the city:

State Schools

State schools benefit from the local government through subsidization. Most of them are co-educational, and all use the National Curriculum of England.

Preparatory and Independent Schools

Students from 5-13 years attend preparatory schools, while independent schools are for kids aged 5-18. Parents cater for tuition fees in these schools, and children benefit from enhanced opportunities and options, including better facilities.

Boarding Schools

While these types of schools are popular, they’re not many in London. They have study halls and lunchrooms. London’s boarding schools allow students to go home during holidays or weekends.

International Schools

Many immigrants in London attend these types of schools. Apart from the UK’s curriculum, these schools have a different curriculum like the IB or the American curriculums.

Below is the complete list of the 25 best schools in London:

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The International British Online School

Learners at the International British Online School use an online channel to access recorded lessons, homework, and timetable. The tutors collaborate with an analyst to evaluate and monitor students’ progress, learning attitude, and attainment. The platform has a learning dashboard where each student can access weekly reports. The International British Online School is one of London’s best schools, providing the British curriculum both nationally and internationally.

The best part is that students can learn from their homes’ comfort by accessing live video lessons online. The school’s social platform offers a broad range of activities for students’ interaction. The teaching method utilizes smaller groups, enhancing student’s concentration.

Optimum engagement with teachers allows students to ask as many questions as possible. The International British Online School uses a practical learning approach, preparing them to progress well.

Hampton High

Hampton high boasts of a vibrant, caring, and warm community for all students. The school aims to support every learner to ensure they perform well and fulfill their career goals. The institution’s culture motivates learners to embrace respect, kindness, and courtesy to all community members.

Hampton commits to ensuring a fair admission to all applicants, including those with special needs. For example, if the applicants are fewer than the required number in a given year, the school offers everyone a chance.

Hampton focuses on ensuring the best welfare standards for all students within the school. One of the institution’s approaches to cater to the learners’ needs is using a holistic approach. For example, the school’s policies safeguard students by offering healthy eating, medical treatment, and child protection, among others.

Hampton follows the statutory rules and regulations and trains all teachers to do the same. That makes the school’s environment welcoming, secure and safe for all students.

Newham Sixth Form College

This is the most prominent sixth form college in London. It has more than 2500 full-time learners. The college is located in East London and began in 1992. The institution’s initial goal was to offer school leavers within Newham and its environment an opportunity to further their education. The school’s growth for the last 25 years has been tremendous.

Newham Sixth Form College has more than 300 committed professionals who help students gain the necessary skills and progress throughout higher education, training, and job. The school has a broad range of activities, enabling learners to enhance their experience, develop confidence and acquire proper communication skills.

Such activities prepare students to excel in their future endeavors. Newham believes in success, equality, challenge, and ambition. The institution has a supportive community that focuses on an individual’s needs and offers assistance for everyone. Newham Sixth Form College stands out from the rest by providing students with many opportunities and understanding every learner’s need for personalized support.

Newham College

Newham College is one of London’s institutions that focus on adult work and the university world with the school environment. It supports students for a smooth transition in the different worlds. The college’s structured learning environment encourages students to be responsible and gain more independence.

The school strives to offer freedom to make the learning process enjoyable and accessible. However, it has experts to monitor every student’s progress. Every learner can access pastoral and academic support teams that can help them adapt to the institution’s environment. Newham College aims to empower students by supporting them in different areas of their lives.

The school boasts of offering practical, relevant, and exciting learning experiences to students. You can acquire knowledge and skills to achieve your optimum potential. The system can also help you to stand out at the next level of your career or education. The school has links to industry experts, professionals, and businesses. Students can utilize the opportunity to connect for success in their respective careers.

Date Valley School Trust

Date Valley School Trust has a conducive and caring academic environment for students. The offered opportunities promote respect, teamwork, independence, and a joyful learning experience, and it embraces excellent teaching, leadership, and learning standards.

The school’s curriculum aims to help learners become valuable individuals in society. The school’s Islamic environment is perfect for interested parents and children. Date Valley School Trust is a learning center ideal for young Muslims to acquire ethos and meet children’s needs.

The institution covers the National Curriculum, Islamic Studies, Quran, and Arabic, providing exceptional leadership, learning and teaching. Date Valley School Trust collaborates with parents to cultivate their children’s Islamic identities. Learning Arabic enables students to gain more understanding of Allah.

Tower House School

Tower House School prepares pupils for the best UK senior schools. The institution enrolls a small number of learners to enable its qualified staff to guide the pupils for excellence. While education may become more challenging as you advance, Tower House School prepares its learners to excel in life beyond school.

The school’s curriculum incorporates proven traditional learning methods with modern techniques for better results. Tower House School assures parents of their son’s fulfilling and safe educational journey. The school values every learner and has professionals committed to caring for everyone according to personal needs.

Admission at the school isn’t selective. That means it’s a guarantee that the first applicants get considered because selection depends on the available spaces. Tower House School follows the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum consisting of three primary areas. These include:

  • Social, personal and emotional development
  • Physical development
  • Communication and language

Grange Primary School

Grange Primary School commits to helping kids acquire learning passion by offering a stimulating, happy and safe environment for learners. The school’s balanced and broad curriculum assists children to proceed to their next learning phase without challenges.

Learners are the school’s top priority, and the institution’s vision is to develop learning thirsty for every child. Here are some of the school’s teachings to prepare children to tackle lifelong challenges:

  • Practicing empathy
  • Being grateful
  • Pursuing excellence
  • Trying your best
  • Tolerating and respecting others
  • Determination and resilience for growth

Teachers at Grange Primary School believe all children have the right to attain their full potential. That’s why they strive to provide a secure, happy, and friendly atmosphere for all learners. The school’s environment encourages concern, courtesy, caring, and mutual respect for others.

At Grange Primary School, your child enjoys equal educational opportunities regardless of religion, race, and gender. Professionals encourage all learners to embrace the diversity of beliefs, languages, and cultures for mutual partnership between the institution and the community.

Hampton Court House

Hampton Court House has been operating since 2001. The school aims to equip learners with emotional literacy, helping them to face different challenges with confidence. The curriculum has an artistic and cultural framework, empowering them to express themselves confidently in their private and public lives.

Hampton Court house values the diverse ethnicity of the staff and learners. It follows the Department for Education’s directive to promote the country’s value of mutual respect, individual liberty, and the rule of law. The school’s culture incorporates all these virtues.

The learning environment advocates creativity and intellectual questioning to cultivate academic excellence. Independence, originality, and individuality are at the core of the institution’s curriculum. Teachers at Hampton Court House commit to offering content-driven and inspirational teaching for the benefit of all learners.

St. Michael’s Catholic College

The school utilizes a rigorous learning experience to enhance pupil’s personal and academic success. It also teaches spiritual values like forgiveness, prayer, tolerance, and serving others. The Catholic community is supportive of students allowing them to grow into responsible adults.

At St. Michael’s Catholic College, students aspire for success and academic excellence. Your child can boost self-esteem and develop a love for Christ and others. The institution relies on dedicated professionals who work hard to ensure every learner can achieve and flourish.

The college offers a supportive learning environment for your child by using a balanced curriculum to cater to every learner’s needs. The school incorporates the catholic ethos to enhance one’s self-belief, creativity, and academic achievement.

St. Stephen’s School

St. Stephen’s School is an exceptional learning center with qualified staff and a great community to foster academic excellence. The institution won ‘The Top State Primary School Award proving the commitment to empower children to attain educational success.

The experience at St. Stephen’s School is beyond school. Teachers create an engaging environment where students can articulate their views in a respectful, polite, and harmonious way. They believe children need a nurturing, challenging, and inspiring educational experience.

The school’s system encourages learners to gain valuable skills they can use to overcome various life challenges. The experience at St. Stephen’s School is memorable for every student. Learners can participate in a broad range of activities that promote social development, art, and sport.

Argyle Primary School

This is an inclusive school providing educational opportunities to children from various ethnic backgrounds. Its continued inclusion led it to win the Camden Award in September 2012. For example, the institution boasts of kids from 23 ethnic groups who speak different languages but embrace each other.

Argyle Primary School believes in modeling students to acquire positive values and behaviors. It uses a structured approach to instill such values in all learners, and the curriculum focuses on helping kids develop lifelong learning skills.

The school considers a strategic improvement plan, including:

  • Enhancing learning and teaching
  • Ensuring continued progress for learners to achieve their optimum potential
  • Strengthening learners’ voice to tailor learning according to their interests
  • Collaborating with volunteers, parents, and different stakeholders to harness their support
  • Boosting attendance and reducing absence cases

London Academy of Excellence

London Academy of Excellence is in Stratford, East London. It teaches A-levels, preparing sixth formers to gain skills, knowledge, and interests that widen their choices in today’s changing and complex world.

The institution began in 2012 and offered students a chance to look for excellent academic education to facilitate the transition to prestigious universities. The academy has been growing exponentially, becoming one of the country’s renowned A-level providers.

Since it started, the London Academy of Excellence has become a reputable institution for academic excellence. The school has consistently been delivering the best outcomes for learners. LAE aims to develop the whole student. For example, apart from the classroom confines, the academy provides sixth-formers an opportunity to participate in co-curricular activities.

These may include the performing arts, music, and sports. That means you can explore your interests, develop your individualized talents and character. The students are proud of the LAE’s community, friendly, high-performing, inclusive, and diverse.

Heathbrook Primary School

Heathbrook Primary School employs a creative curriculum and great outdoor activities to stimulate children for the best learning experience. The school has excellent math and English expectations. It allows kids to exercise their creative minds through the institution’s art studio while closely working with parents to support its values and visions.

The caring administration encourages children to work hard and achieve their full potential. Open communication is vital in the institutions because the professionals believe in connecting school and home. Parents can contact the institution’s office to ask any questions concerning their children. Heathbrook has partnered with the broader community, career coaches, parents, and other stakeholders to foster learners’ success.

Alleyn’s School

Alleyn’s School is one of the most recognized co-educational institutions in the U.K. Its co-curricular and academic history is exceptional. Alleyn’s School commits to offer high-quality and all-around education to its learners. The institution has cultivated a friendly ethos since its establishment including, encouragement, mutual support, and friendliness.

Such values have led to a stimulating and thriving environment, preparing children to become fulfilled, happy and well-rounded adults. Currently, Alleyn’s School intends to build on such strengths through significant investment in facilities and people to make the institution one of the best educational centers for many years to come. While the learning center strives for academic excellence, it also provides students with opportunities to grow their talents.

Colegrave Primary School

This primary school is diverse and has an outstanding leadership team. The team’s commitment to excellence ensures consistent teaching standards within the institution. Qualified teachers at Colegrave Primary School believe what children conceive in their minds, they can achieve. That’s why they equip kids with various emotional, social, and academic skills for a successful future.

The institution UNICEF rights whereby it encourages ethos that teaches to make learners responsible for their actions. The school is one of the few Newham’s learning centers that provide resources for learners with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD). That means pupils can receive specialized teaching and the necessary support from experienced professionals.

St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

St. Joseph’s Primary School values all its community members by fostering a happy, caring, safe and positive environment. The school supports all learners, enabling them to achieve their personalized targets. The institution’s teachers value, respect, and motivate every child. They create a friendly atmosphere for everyone’s success.

St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School boasts of both holistic and academic success. It has established links with churches like St. Gertrude’s Church, the Guardian Angel’s Church, and St. Peter to help pupils acquire valuable forgiveness and love teachings. Here are a few ways St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School can inspire your child:

  • An involving learning process to encourage responsibility
  • Encouraging them to engage in Parish life
  • Embracing various cultures and loving one another despite the differences
  • Encouraging Christian values such as honesty and love

St. Thomas the Apostle College

The Department for Education ranks St. Thomas the Apostle College as one of the best performing learning centers in the country. Such achievements are due to the school’s culture that fosters hard work and dedication for success.

The school aims to prepare boys to become responsible young men. It has an incredible Christian community, and its motto is “Achieving Excellence with Care.” St. Thomas Apostle College has structures to support and enhance individual talents for young people. The education they receive is highly personalized, meeting every learner’s unique needs.

Barnet Southgate College

This is one of the largest colleges in London with more than 13,000 students. It has three main campuses offering over 20 different subjects. The students are proud to be part of a vibrant community as they prepare to enter the job or career world.

Joining Barnet Southgate College is a fantastic opportunity to interact with like-minded individuals in a diverse environment with state-of-the-art facilities. The school’s structured curriculum is ideal for those looking to proceed onto university, a particular apprenticeship, or job. It aims to nurture skills required in the local economy.

The tailored courses prepare learners to progress in other areas of life. Students can learn foundation degrees, work, and vocational, professional, and technical skills depending on their needs.

Caterham High School

At Caterham High School, a caring attitude builds a strong relationship between teachers, parents, students, and the community. Learners enjoy a purposeful and warm atmosphere to achieve their best. At Caterham High School, you can achieve your optimum success as teachers strive to help every student realize full potential through helping them with their individual needs.

Students also acquire the relevant social and personal skills that are critical for their lives beyond school. The institution’s curriculum is responsive and aims to improve learners’ choices, allowing them to progress in their educational journey.

Teachers at Caterham High School embrace innovation and utilize ICT to ensure the curriculum is stimulating and engaging. A structured approach is in place to discover and develop every child’s talent.

Mazahirul Uloom London School

Mazahirul Uloom has been around since 1966. It is located in East London and offers the best opportunities to the Muslim community. The school strives to create an environment that can benefit all children, ensuring they excel. Mazahirul Uloom focuses on the continuous improvement of its facilities to offer high-quality education. The institution’s curriculum aims to:

  • Put the interests of learners as the top priority
  • Personalize one’s learning to individual needs
  • Be an exceptional learning center
  • Prepare learners for lifelong endeavors
  • Nurture every learner’s unique talents
  • Be an inspiring learning environment

The curriculum inspires and challenges the students to face future challenges with confidence. It helps pupils to aim for success and become responsible young citizens.

Sandringham Primary School

Sandringham Primary School strives to ensure student’s learning experience is exciting. All learners are proud to be part of the school’s community. Apart from the emphasis on excelling in math, writing, and reading, the curriculum encourages pupils to succeed in co-curricular activities and beyond.

Sandringham Primary School has specialized teachers who provide a depth curriculum enriching children with a broad range of experiences. Students can succeed in sports and performing arts. The school utilizes modern technology to make learning exciting, whereby children acquire skills and gain the confidence to pursue their responsibilities. Sandringham is a sizable multicultural learning center that promotes British values in its curriculum.

Leyton Sixth Form College

Students at Leyton Sixth Form College experience an enriching education with high stands to prepare them for lives beyond the classroom. When you visit the institution, you find an ideal, purposeful, friendly, and positive environment. This occurs due to the respectful and warm relationship between the students and teachers.

The inclusive environment values everyone, encouraging learners to achieve their full potential. The school recognizes the importance of individualized choices. That’s why the program aims to nurture student’s aspirations and interests. The school’s curriculum is well-balanced and challenges learners to excel. At Leyton Sixth Form College, you get assured of a successful transition to employment, apprenticeship, or higher education.

Newport School

Newport School believes every learner deserves an education that challenges, inspires, and engages. That’s why the institution promotes a happy and safe learning environment for everyone. The teachers have high expectations but provide opportunities for learners to be independent. Some of the school’s strong values include empathy, open-mindedness, and embracing diverse cultures.

That ensures positive contributions for everyone within the community. Newport School also promotes healthy lifestyles, enabling learners to develop morally, emotionally, and physically. The institution aims to achieve excellence by:

  • Welcoming everyone
  • Pursuing the set goals
  • Learners trying to do their best
  • Nurturing a conducive environment for success
  • Developing talents and skills
  • Respecting one another

Richmond Park Academy

Richmond Park Academy is one of the Academies Enterprise Trust’s members. AET is the Greensward Charitable Trust’s operational arm, and it aims to offer many students with excellent education opportunities.  Richmond Park Academy commits to promoting everyone’s welfare. Issues like discrimination and bullying are not part of the school.

The institution’s administration understands that some students may need more support to change their behaviors. For example, children with mental health issues, those with SEN needs, and looked-after children get continued support depending on their behavioral needs.

Beecholme Primary School

Beecholme Primary School has high expectations for every community Member. It encourages every pupil to be enthusiastic, confident, and independent. They also learn social skills, cultivating tolerance to others, and academic excellence. Inclusivity is vital at Beecholme, and the curriculum is engaging, varied.

The institution has committed teachers with higher expectations for all learners. They do their best to ensure students can succeed. The school encourages learners to consider various challenges, supporting their ambitions in multiple ways. The learning environment promotes hard work, calm, and positivity, essential for a pupil’s success.

Beecholme Primary School embraces a diverse community, and your child can be part of it. It’s inclusive of linguistic and cultural diversity.

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London is one of the world’s best cities with an exceptional learning institution. If you want your child to succeed in academic and co-curricular activities, you can take advantage of the above list of 25 best schools in London.

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