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How Many SEO Companies Are There in the UK?

by Best Agencies
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Search engine optimization is a major industry across the world, so it should be no surprise that some of the biggest SEO companies operate out of the United Kingdom. But have you ever wondered why there are so many SEO companies in the country? How do you know which one to choose for your project or business?

SEO companies are everywhere these days

SEO is a hot topic because there are loads of businesses that are trying to get noticed on the internet and use it as a platform to boost their brand. As such, many companies are looking at SEO companies to help them create unique content, rank high on Google, and even get noticed on social media. Many businesses have no clue how to do this on their own, hence why they rely on SEO companies to help them reach their business marketing and promotion goals.

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While people can do SEO on their own, it’s often best to rely on a professional to help them. This helps a lot when it comes to boosting website traffic and showing up in local search results. Investing in SEO is important for businesses of all sizes. Even if you’re just a local bakery that doesn’t even sell products online, having a presence on the internet can make it easier for people to discover you and learn all about your wonderful products.

How many SEO companies are there in the United Kingdom?

It’s hard to get an accurate number of how many SEO companies there are in the United Kingdom. However, we can estimate that there are well over 200 established SEO companies that have at least one major client.

The majority of SEO companies in the United Kingdom are relatively small with anywhere between 2 and 10 employees. These small businesses will only have a handful of clients, but they can often be very prestigious or well-known clients that most people will know.

As new SEO companies can appear at any moment, it’s hard to tell the exact number. However, it’s safe to say that there are at least 200 SEO companies that are still active today and are still maintaining customer relationships and offering marketing and promotional services to help businesses grow.

How do I know which SEO company to pick?

It can be hard to choose with so many different SEO companies around. In general, you’ll want to try and pick one that has plenty of good reviews. You don’t want to pick an SEO company that has poor reviews or has no reputable clients.

You’ll also want to check their list of clients and portfolio to see what they’re capable of. If they have at least one reputable brand in their list of clients, then they’re generally safe to use and can be recommended. However, doing extra research never hurts.

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