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Best Foods to Gain Weight Quickly and Safely

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Weight gaining foods

In the past, people were looking for the instructions and tips by which they can lose their weight but some of the people in the world are recommended to gain weight because they are very slim and if they will not gain the weight then they will generate the problems. Like the athletes and body builders who can’t feel good until they are good in terms of the body and weight. This is why there are some foods by which you can gain weight quickly and safely. 

Red meat

When we hear the word red meat then we think that we should not eat it.  but in reality, if you want to gain weight then red meat is one of the most essential things you can eat the food. It has shown that it can create the muscles for you. The red meat contains the nutrients by which It can boost the muscle mass in your body. You will be able to get the proteins and fats from the red meat which will be able to increase the weight of your body efficiency. Don’t go for extremes but in moderation, you can eat red meat and gain weight. 


This type of dry fruit if eaten in moderation can gain weight very safely.  If you will at the nuts to your daily diet including if you will add it in your salad also then you will be able to gain the weight.  It is recommended that you use the nuts and nuts butter by one way or the other. Dry nuts and raw nuts are most essential when you want to gain the weight. 

Dark Chocolate

Chocolates are very essential to give you the taste but it can also give you the weight.  Mostly the chocolates which contain more than 70% of the cocoa can be used for gaining weight.  Dark chocolates are available around and you can choose whatever you like depends on the taste but it should have the Cocoa quantity in higher amount. 

Full fat Yoghurt

Eating yogurt is very essential but it should not be flavored.  If the person wants to gain weight very quickly and also very safely that you should eat the full-fat yogurt. Not only that it will give you the weight but also the nutrients and proteins which will be very healthy for you.  You can also add the fruits and nuts to your full-fat yogurt but don’t add the flavor. 


Rice is the great and essential source by which you can give the weight.  Almost every human being eats rice in different forms. One cup of rice will give you 200 calories which means that you will be able to eat the food but also will get the Good and essential source of nutrients.  You will also get the carbohydrates which will add the way to your body. If you want you can share the rice with the vegetables and other essential things which will make the dish tasty and also the source of weight gaining. 

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