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5 Best Foods to Eat for Weight Loss

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Foods for weight loss

If you are willing to control your diet and want to lose weight then there are many foods available and many types by which you can fulfill that.  The foods are available in a variety of tastes and shapes and depend on your requirement you can eat them in due proportions.  Eating the food only for losing weight is not essential because you also need to be exercised.  Also, you need to eat the food in due proportions and also according to the guidance.  There are 5 foods which I am going to convey to you in this article which will be helpful for you to losing weight. 

Whole Eggs

In the past, people were thinking that instead of eating eggs you should go for the alternative because it increases the cholesterol.  The fried eggs might be increasing in the LDL cholesterol in human beings but it is also high in the fiber and also can comfort your stomach. Being high in protein and fat it can be helpful for people who are looking for losing weight.  Instead of trying the egg you should go for the whole egg and boy them and fulfill your carving. It will give you all the nutrients and the calories which are needed without increasing your weight. 


This is the easy approach for losing weight be caused by eating the leafy Greens you will be able to get the nutrients in your body and also will not increase 1 gram of the weight. By eating the leafy Greens you will add to the quantity of your meal without increasing your weight. They are very high in the nutrients also you will get the calcium and Minerals from the Leafy Greens. 1 study has shown that if you will eat the leafy green then it will remove the fat from your body and will be the ideal source for losing weight.

Lean Meat

Processed meat is the death for your body but according to the studies, meat is helpful for the people who are looking for losing weight because of the higher level of protein. Protein is a very helpful nutrient and by eating the protein you will be able to get the diet by which you can lose around 80 to 100 calories per day. If you will see the studies then you will find that protein can remove the craving from your body and by eating the protein you will not feel hungry by 60%. 

Boiled Potatoes

The potatoes which come in a variety of styles and taste are in the market.  Some of them have gone to history but we should use the boil potatoes which will be an ideal source for removing the carving in our stomach.  The boiled potatoes are a perfect source that can give you small amounts of everything you need. Potassium is very important for the human body but not many people get that and that is why boiled potatoes can give you that and lower the weight. 


Last but not least you should get every healthy form of soap in your body by which you will satisfy your needs and will not increase the weight.  The studies have shown that if you want, then still you can convert your food to the soup and you will eat a lesser amount of intake in your body and will not increase the weight. 

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