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10 Best Designer Jewelry Brands UK in 2022

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There are no women in the whole world who is not wearing the jewelry of a different kind.  Even in the developed world like the UK, you will find many of the jewelry brands which are having promising jewelry for the consumer. The UK has a rich heritage in this regard and that is why the jewelry Brands not only from the big names but also the small names have come. We have found some of the designer jewelry brands in 2022 for the consumers in the UK and around. 

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This jewelry brand is working in the UK but it is from Denmark. It was founded in 1982 but it has opened the office in the UK in 2005 which makes this brand one of the new. The famous bracelets from this brand named Moments charms have been worn by many of the women. The motto of this brand is to give the woman the inspirational story of their life and convey the message to the whole world through their jewelry. The Jury they are making is telling the unique story of the person who is wearing the jewelry and also it makes the impact in the world. 


It has also started in Europe but now working in the United Kingdom. “Diamonds for all” is one of the collections of this brand which is crystal clear jewelry with a fine touch. Nirvana ring and slave bracelet are some of the prime jewelry from this brand. Not the old but the new celebrities in the media world are representative of this brand like Karlie Kloss.  She is giving the brand the name to the whole world.  But not only that but also the designs of this brand on the jewelry are making it one of the best in the UK. 

Links of London

Links of London can be regarded as one of the oldest brands in the UK for jewelry.  They have started in the year 1990 With the Silver bracelets. The great thing about this brand is that they have been creating the jewelry of unique kind with two bracelets can’t be identical. The jewelry made by this brand can be regarded in the middle category of the pricing and that is why the people who are looking for affordable silver bracelets and jewelry can come to this brand. This brand can make the jewelry and bracelet according to the individual who wants it. The charm which will be given to you through the jewelry made by this brand is amazingly beautiful. 

Monica vinader

Set between the fine And Fashion jewelry this is a British luxury jewelry brand. The gem she has introduced in the market has the combination of color with the quality of the gemstones which can be easily recognized. A window dresser at the liberty of London showcased the bracelets from this brand and that is why she has gone from bottom to the top. Even though the brand has accommodating and affordable jewelry still it is going to be long-lasting. The reason is that the jewelry made in this brand is from gold and silver of good quality which has seen promising output. 

Alex Monroe

You must have heard but not seen the jewelry made by the hand.  Even in today’s world, this brand is making jewelry by hand in England. This is the brand that is focused on the Feminine touch and you can find that in the jewelry made by them. Rustic stylization And fine material Have been used in the jewelry made by this brand. Some of the jewelry made by this brand is inspired by animals and plants. The bird collection from this brand is amazingly attractive and also the looks are very fine. 

Astley Clarke

There are many amazing jewelry brands in the UK but not many of them are using colors like this brand.  It has started as an online brand but when they got the popularity they have made the offices. Now they are the established brand and their use of the color especially in the bracelets are very amazing. The philosophy of this brand is to give the image to the modern women. If you are strolling through the London neighborhood then you will find the store of this brand in the Paddington area. 

Missoma Jewelry

It is the British designer that is creating the perfect pieces for the consumer. When this designer was 5 years old from that time she was collecting the gemstones and still go to India to collect that. Unusual colors and Designs are made by this brand because she is using the different types of artwork on the jewelry. Even though the jewelry is not custom still it is allowing the wearer to express the uniqueness. There are two famous collections of this brand named Lucy Williams Roman coin Collaboration and Meaningful gemstone collection. 

Great frog

This UK jewelry brand is very unique in its self.  The reason is that they are making handmade jewelry from 1972 To London. It has the rock and roll in style with the skull Motifs. They are giving the name to the rock and roll brands by the Rings and the pendants.  They have made the jewelry which is representing the punks who are into rock and roll and bikers.  No wonder the celebrities Like the Rolling Stone and Gigi Hadid are wearing the jewelry made by this brand.  


There is no other jewelry brand as old as this brand which has been working for 200 years. It is the family company from Liverpool and they have also made the collections for the royal family including the Silver cake stand for the Wedding of Elizabeth II. Diamonds and pearls and also the precious stones are some of the collection this company has. The craftsman in this brand is checking all the boundaries of the technical field in this regard to sharpen the jewelry to its finest looks. The elegant Setting along with the asymmetric design has been in the good of the craftsman by this brand. 

Taylor and hart

Rebranded in 2016 this Jewelry brand from the UK Is now known as Taylor and hart.  Previously it was named rare pink. The good thing about this brand is Even though it is selling the Rings and jewelry related to wedding and engagement but also the fine jewelry is available in this brand. Every jewelry they are making is telling a story according to the customers they have. The tiny Ruby is used giving the finishing to the jewelry in the inner edge of the band. This is the symbol of their brand. They are specializing in jewelry and are based in London but they are also having offices in New York. 

Asim Jofa

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