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10 Best Beauty Salons in Liverpool

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10 Best Beauty Salons in Liverpool

Liverpool is known for having a wide range of leisure and entertainment options. If you want to look your best for them, or for any other reason, then you can head to one of Liverpool’s many beauty salons. If you need help knowing which one to pick, then here is a quick guide to the 10 best beauty salons in Liverpool.

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Nirvana Cosmetics Club

Described as “Rodney Street’s hidden gem”, Nirvana Cosmetics Club offers a whole lot more than just make-up sales and treatments. There is a wide range of skincare options plus massage and non-surgical facelifts. 

Nirvana Cosmetics Club only provides limited hairdressing services but it does provide an extensive range of hair removal services. These include threading, waxing and laser hair removal.

All treatments are bespoke and typically blend established techniques with new innovations to create an entirely unique experience not just for each client but for each visit.

The Gold Room

Also located on Rodney Street, The Gold Room is based inside the Apollonia Dental & Cosmetic Centre. It is very much focused on the face, particularly the eyes. Facial options include classic, Clinicare, microdermabrasion, exfoliation, LED and radiofrequency. Lash options cover tinting, waxing and extensions in multiple variations.

The Gold Room also offers facial waxing, manicures, pedicures and various massage options including both Indian head massage and back/body massage. All treatments are performed by experts who offer tips and aftercare tailored to the needs (and wants) of each client.

Although the main reason to visit The Gold Room is for the quality of the care, just being in the building is an experience to be remembered. It has one of the most stunning interiors of any beauty salon in Liverpool.

Radiant Skin Liverpool

About as centrally-located as you can get, Radiant Skin Liverpool lives up to its name with a huge selection of skincare treatments for both face and body. Facial options include classic, microdermabrasion, exfoliation and nonsurgical facials and facelifts. You can also get collagen-boosting treatments and microneedling.

Radiant Skin Liverpool also offers a wide range of other treatments. These include manicures and pedicures, multiple options for hair removal such as facial threading and waxing, body waxing and laser hair removal plus tanning.

Not only is Radiant Skin Liverpool very close to Liverpool Moorfields station, but it’s also right next to a branch of JD Gyms. In fact, it uses the same door. This makes it super convenient for fitting in appointments around your other activities. Radiant Skin Liverpool has great soundproofing so once you’re inside you can relax in peace.

The Beauty Works by Sarah Louise

With an outstanding city-centre location, The Beauty Works by Sarah Louise has a limited treatment menu but extremely high standards. This Liverpool beauty salon specializes in waxing, particularly Brazilian and Hollywood. They also offer manicures and pedicures and treatments for eyebrows and eyelashes. 

In keeping with the ethos of the salon, all treatments are carried out by specialists using only products by top brands. This level of expertise means that standard waxing treatments can be carried out in the shortest possible times. There are, however, also more pampering treatments on offer, lasting up to a couple of hours.

The fact that The Beauty Works by Sarah Louise is right next to Liverpool Lime Street means that it’s great for beauty treatments on the go.

The Little Beauty Company

Now in the city centre, The Little Beauty Company is very much focused on waxing but also offers a wide range of other treatments including manicures, nail extensions and pedicures and eyebrow and eyelash treatments. You can also get hands-on and machine-based facials and massages.

The Little Beauty Company is particularly associated with skincare and works closely with both Dermologica and Vita Liberata. All its specialists are trained at the International Dermal Institute (IDI). This means that not only can you have confidence in the products used for treatment but you can also get expert advice on what products to buy for home use.

Even though it’s in the heart of the city, The Little Beauty Company manages to create the sense of peace you’d expect in a top-quality Liverpool beauty salon.

Michael Franks

With branches in both RopeWalks and Liverpool One, Michael Franks is, technically, a hairdressing salon. In practice, both branches also offer a range of core beauty treatments. These include hair removal, manicures, extensions and pedicures, eyebrows and eyelashes and make-up sessions.

All of these sessions are carried out by appropriately qualified staff using products from reputable brands. This means that Michael Franks is a great option if you want to save time by combining your hair treatment with other popular beauty treatments.

Both branches are in very convenient locations so it’s easy to fit appointments around shopping trips. The interiors are bright and modern but still calming. 

Pure Skin & Holistics

This is another Rodney Street gem. As the name suggests, Pure Skin & Holistics specializes in facial skincare and massage. They also offer eyebrow and eyelash treatments, Hopi ear candling and hair removal for the face and body.

The fact that the treatment menu is limited reflects the high degree of specialization and hence expertise. This allows the staff to make a knowledgeable choice of not just each brand but of the best products from each brand.

The interior of Pure Skin & Holistics is as pampering and relaxing as you’d expect from the name. You’ll leave all your cares behind the moment you walk through the door.

Butterfly Allure Beauty Lounge – Liverpool

Located in the heart of Liverpool One, Butterfly Allure Beauty Lounge has a very limited range of treatment options. Essentially, it’s a place for a quick break from shopping to get your eyebrows and eyelashes treated. They also offer manicures, pedicures and facial threading.

Standards are very high. With such a limited range of treatments, you’d expect the staff to be specialists and you’d be right. The salon is compact but has a spacious feel and is both comfortable and relaxed.

Metamorph Haus

If there is a typical Liverpool city centre beauty salon, Metamorph Haus is definitely not it. According to its website, it’s a “transcendent super salon and spa”. This seems like a fair description given the range of options on its treatment menu. There’s a definite focus on all things hair both maintaining and removing but pretty much the whole body is covered.

What’s more, they collaborate with popular local eatery Bia Blasta to ensure that you can get well fed without leaving the salon. That makes it even easier to fit in treatments.

The buzzy, modern vibe at Metamorph Haus is not going to be for everyone. If it is for you, however, you’ll absolutely love it. Even if it isn’t, their treatments and standards are excellent.

Glam Hair and Beauty

A relatively new addition to the St John’s precinct, Glam Hair and Beauty has been making waves, literally and figuratively. It’s focused on hair but also offers an extensive range of manicures, extensions and pedicures plus eyebrow and eyelash treatments. You can also get a facial and there are some hair removal options.

Glams Hair and Beauty’s convenient location, expert staff and curation of products have already built it a strong fan following and glowing reviews.

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