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Should I Hang Curtains Over my Plantation Shutters?

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Should I Hang Curtains Over my Plantation Shutters?

Contrary to popular belief, installing shutters at home does not mean having to kiss goodbye to your favourite curtains. In most households, the approach to dressing windows is more of a shutters or curtains question.

Given how each option brings its own unique benefits into the mix, why not enjoy the best of both?

Combining Curtains with Plantation Shutters

Opting for a combination of curtains and plantation shutters can be beneficial in a variety of ways. The main reason curtains are often hung in front of shutters is for purely aesthetic reasons. Given how shutters already offer more than curtains as a practical window covering, curtains are hung by those who like their appearance.

But there are also practical benefits to combining curtains with plantation shutters. One example of which is energy efficiency, which can be boosted significantly with multiple window coverings. Plantation shutters are uniquely effective in keeping cold air at bay while maximising the retention. When combined with curtains, the additional pocket of air between the two window coverings provides even more effective insulation.

The same can also be said for blocking out light, which plantation shutters are far better at than conventional curtains. Particularly when combined with blackout blinds, plantation shutters are great for taking better control over exterior light. Add curtains into the mix and it becomes even easier to make your interiors as bright or as dark as you like, any time of day or night.

Hanging curtains over plantation shutters can make for a much quieter interior ambience. Thick curtains are natural noise absorbers, reducing exterior noise and improving a room’s general acoustics. Something you may not have considered up until now, but is nonetheless quite noticeable with upgraded window coverings.

Is it Necessary to Hang Curtains over Shutters?

The short answer is no, hanging curtains over shutters is entirely optional.  Premium quality plantation shutters can do everything curtains can do and more. They are fantastically energy efficient, great for blocking out natural light and beautifully presented.

They are also easy to keep clean and hygienic, available in styles to suit all interiors and offer unbeatable long-term value for money. Installed by experts with meticulous attention to detail, quality shutters can also have an indefinite lifespan.

Consequently, adding curtains to shutters is purely a judgment call; many choose to hang curtains over shutters simply because they enjoy their traditional looks. Elsewhere, it is more about boosting energy efficiency for a warmer home in winter.

Hanging curtains is a popular choice where shutters are fitted to a bay window, or a similar opening. Adding curtains in front of the opening can create a sizeable pocket of insulating air, enhancing each of the benefits outlined above. Though again, doing so is not strictly necessary, due to the protective properties of the shutters themselves.

If in doubt, consult with your preferred plantation shutters specialist for their input and advice. Organising an initial home design visit also comes highly recommended, which can be useful in determining which types of shutters are suitable for your windows.

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