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10 Best Furniture Stores in Newcastle

by Best Agencies
10+ Best Furniture Stores in Newcastle

Finding the right furniture for your home can take time, patience, and dedication, with many people struggling to get what they want out of this sort of exercise. There are plenty of furniture stores around, but it can be all too easy to waste your time when you’re looking for something specific, and overwhelming when you’re not sure what you want. This post will be going through 10+ of the best furniture stores in Newcastle, giving you a head start when you start shopping for sofas, beds, and other pieces for your home.

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–      1: Baker & Stonehouse

Baker & Stonehouse first opened their doors shortly after World War Two, with their stores across Newcastle following after their first opening. With a focus on creating stunning and luxury pieces that are good for the environment, Baker & Stonehouse has long been a favourite for many families across Newcastle. With excellent reviews and a massive range, we thought this was a good place to start.

–      2: Shipcote Furniture

With stores in both Gateshead and Byker, Shipcote furniture is another popular choice for those living in Newcastle. This store offers more affordable options than many other furniture stores, without compromising on quality or choice. Boasting over 30 years of experience, you can expect excellent service from Shipcote, and their free local delivery shows how much they care about the area they serve.

–      3: Home Store Living

Home Store Living offers a wide range of bold and expressive furniture, from luxury beds to deluxe sofas. Many of the most popular trends are adopted by this store, providing their customers with a range of modern and chic options. This store offers a variety of options at different price points, making it good for loads of different types of buyers.

–      4: BoConcept

BoConcept is a little bit different to the options we’ve looked at so far. Rather than simply being a furniture store, they also offer custom interior design services. Their contemporary design makes them a popular choice for a wide range of projects, though their price point is higher than other stores in this category. While their prices may be high, though, the quality of their products is hard to match, and this can make it worth spending the extra when you’re looking for furniture that will last for a long time.

–      5: Furniture Village Gateshead

Furniture Village is a large chain of stores across the UK, though they have a very large store in Gateshead. Thanks to its popularity, this store is able to offer much lower prices than its competitors, enabling you to save a lot of money if you choose to shop here. Alongside offering good prices, Furniture Village has a wide range, and much of their furniture can be viewed on their website before you visit the store.

–      6: The Mattress Shop

While The Mattress Shop’s name might suggest that it only sells mattresses, this store also offers beds, headboards, and other bedroom furniture. Delivering within a 60-mile radius of Newcastle, those outside the city can also benefit from this store’s expertise. Their products vary in price quite widely, giving you the chance to choose options that match your wallet without having to compromise on quality.

–      7: Ikea Gateshead

At this point, most people across the world have heard of Ikea. This Swedish company has been around for decades, pioneering flat-pack furniture, and offering a huge range from its stores around the Globe. Ikea offers options that are much cheaper than its competitors, but you have to build them all for yourself and some of their cheaper items may lack the quality you want. The Gateshead store is a good place to start your hunt for your next piece of furniture.

–      8: Bentincks Furniture

Bentincks Furniture is one of the most popular upholstered furniture manufacturers in the UK. Offering a wide range of stunning sofas, chairs, and cabinets, this brand has become renowned for offering enduring quality and stunning products. You can download their catalogue online, but you can also visit their showroom to take a look at the options they have available. Their Newcastle factory produces more than 1000 pieces of furniture per week.

–      9: North East Furniture Company

As its name suggests, the North East Furniture Company is a native of Newcastle. Having been founded over 30 years ago, this company has a lot of experience when it comes to creating beautiful furniture. Their massive showroom is built inside a row of Victorian houses, creating wonderful displays that make you feel right at home and give you a really good sense of what their pieces are like. Like many of the companies on this list, North East Furniture Company has excellent reviews.

–      10: Sofa Cash and Carry

As a specialist sofa retailer, Sofa Cash and Carry mostly deals with discount sofas. With decades of experience, this store has long been a favourite for those in Newcastle, offering great deals alongside small store charm. Alongside fabric, leather, and recliner sofas, this store also offers bedroom furniture. Unlike many other stores, Sofa Cash and Carry offer trade prices for those looking to resell their furniture.

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Other Stores In Newcastle

As you’d expect from an area as large as Newcastle, you can find loads of furniture stores when you’re shopping in this neck of the woods. It’s always worth reading reviews before you go to a store like this, ensuring that they have what you want on offer and will be able to provide the service you expect. Social media, search engines, and directories like Yelp are all great places to look when you’re trying to find stores like this in your area.

With any luck, you should be feeling confident about your next visit to a furniture store in Newcastle. This part of the UK is packed with great businesses, making it ideal for those who are shopping for products like furniture. It’s always worth doing some research before you go, ensuring that each store you visit matches your needs.

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