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10+ best furniture stores in Bristol

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10+ best furniture stores in Bristol

Park Furnishers

Park Furnishers was established fifty years ago, and the ethos of this company has always been to inspire as much as possible. They offer an extensive choice of kitchens, flooring, accessories and furniture and they do it while being hand in hand with excellent customer service. Park Furnishers was acquired by Leekes Retail Group in 2016 and there has been a lot of money poured into the store in recent years. The exceptional customer service hasn’t changed with the acquisition, either.

BoConcept Bristol

If you are looking for modern interior design choices and the best accessories in Bristol, then you will find that BoConcept will be one of the best furniture stores in Bristol to visit for your home. It’s a great store that offers the latest choices and there is a skilled team of interior designers on board that will talk you through the possibilities. You can even customize your home with the furniture at BoConcept, and you can customise the contemporary modular designs, too. The expert team will even help you to decorate your home so that it looks the way you imagined it to look!

Oskar Furniture

One of the best furniture stores in Bristol is a family-owned enterprise by the name of Oskar Furniture. Marie is the owner of Oskar Furniture and after a period of travelling through Asia, Australia and Europe, Oskar Furniture was born. The experience of different styles and cultures was the inspiration behind the modern Western designs moulded with Eastern antiques. Suppliers for furniture at Oskar Furniture are carefully selected and with uncomplicated designs from design shows and international furniture options, you have a ton of choices! Customers can choose pieces to suit their tastes and you can work with a team to help you to choose everything for the home.


Founded in 2003, Aamir Ahmad brought his enthusiasm for designing furniture through to creating dwell. dwell was born for an experience in shopping for furniture that is design-led, celebrating creativity and individuality at once. Originally, dwell was created for those who wanted statement pieces in their homes so that they can enjoy new talking pieces in their homes. It was all about seeing it, wanting it and getting it, and you can see it from the moment you go in store to purchase new furniture. It’s not all that hard to find designer-inspired pieces with more affordable pricing, not when you have dwell as one of the best furniture stores in Bristol.

Oak Furniture Land

A large brand name, Oak Furniture Land is all about high quality delivery of beautiful furniture for the home. At Oak Furniture Land, we believe that every single home deserves to have beautiful furniture that stands out and is made for real life. Prices are kept as real, too, and this is a brand that has built very strong relationships with quality controllers and suppliers. High quality, excellent wooden furniture made with real wood is on offer here, and there are amazing sofas to fit every single home, and affordable, too. Oak Furniture Land is all about offering unique ranges of furniture to all customers in Bristol, from modern fabrics to leather.

Furniture Village

Another popular brand name, Furniture Village was born in 1989. Two friends put their heads together and opened the very first Furniture Village in Oxfordshire. The whole idea was in offering excellent quality for beautiful furniture with high-end service. The best bit is that there is low-end affordable pricing on offer for all furniture pieces. Customers love it and they’re now one of the biggest independent furniture retailers in the country. The philosophy remains the same, too, with a lot of pride in championing family values, too!

Feather & Black

Independent furniture stores are some of the best furniture stores in Bristol, and Feather & Black was founded in 2004 as an independent furniture store offering expertise and quality. The experts at Feather & Black are there to offer natural, luxurious materials and offer beautiful products for the bedroom. It’s all about uniquely hand-stitched mattresses and beds and furniture that remains stylishly designed at every turn. Most of the furnishing here is focused on the bedroom and the classic pieces are timeless, helping you to create the perfect sleeping space.


Based in Nailsea, Orchards is a furniture store that looks to make all customers feel welcome no matter what they’re shopping for. Choosing the right furniture often takes time, and planning out your home isn’t always easy. However, with the staff at Orchards, you can bet that you will find expert advice that you need for your home to be furnished to the highest possible quality. Orchards constantly strives for new ideas, new styles and more for the home whether modern or traditional. There is always a range of furniture in stock, so if customers don’t see something they like, just ask and it’s likely it’ll be there!

Green Woods Furniture

If you are looking for one of the best furniture stores in Bristol, Green Woods Furniture is one to watch. Selling quality furniture in the UK that was made in the UK in the first place, Green Woods Furniture only uses sustainable and responsibly sourced materials for all of their furniture, so you can guarantee that you will avoid the standard industry finishes! The suppliers they use can make your furniture at any size, so you just need to measure the space and get what you need with total satisfaction that you can do it!

Sofa Magic

Primarily for sofas, Sofa Magic has been in the industry of making curtains, sofas and working on reupholstering furniture for more than 30 years in Bristol. People travel from all over the country to go to Bristol to buy sofas and curtains from Sofa Magic. The furniture is custom-made and as they also offer a full reupholstering service, they are a trusted business when it comes to soft furnishings in Bristol. This is one of the most popular stores in Bristol due to their ability to offer a stunning customer service.

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