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Every person of the world wants to empower the women, as they are not only the root of the development of the world but also the prime cause of spreading the culture in the whole world with the footwear’s they wear every day.

Every person loves to make an impact in the world which can be remembered the whole life.  For me, my passion was to have a footwear company, which is not only making the business in general but also a stepping-stone for empowering the women of the world.

I used to love traveling all the time and when I traveled around the world, I saw the women being dismissed by the manhood without any reason.  As we all see that the woman is the beautiful creation of Allah but still many people do not regard them as such.

That day I made a promise to myself that I will start a company which will not only focus on the fashion in the globe but also will focus on the women of the world which will wear my footwear’s and will show the world with confidence that they are also part of this world without any disarray.

If you want to know about me then you will be glad to know that I have the experience in the footwear company of a decade and that was not which I learned from my mother’s belly but in fact I attended the fashion business school to polish my skills and bring out the best output we can imagine.

During my studies in the fashion business, I learned many ways of making the business prosper and not lacking the fashion along the way.

You might find many companies in the world who will deal in the same business as I am but with many of them, you will not find the passion and also the soul of their humanity.

I put my soul in my business and made a brand of the fashion and the culture, which can be promoted, around the world with no much burden on the pocket.

In addition, due to the Traveling of mine in the past many designs of my footwear company has been inspired from there.  Therefore, you can understand that my company is not very cosmetic in terms of the business but in fact, we also have the soul in our company where we do not only deal in the shoes but also the love and the empowerment for the women of the world.

Our shoe designs are crafted in Italy so they will be durable no matter how much roughly you use them. In addition, as I have said before they will not be hefty on your pocket so every woman of every age group and with basic money in the pocket can buy our shoes with ease.

I am proud of what I have started and I can promise you one thing that until my last breath I will try to put my effort to make the women of the world empowered with every way in my disposal.

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