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10+ Best Hospitals in Glasgow

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If you are looking for the best medical care in Scotland, you should take the time to consider the following hospitals to help meet your medical needs and requirements.

Please seek advice and follow all of the protocols, rules and regulations regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic. Please do not go to the hospital unless it is critical or you have a pre-arranged appointment.

Keep Safe, Protect NHS Scotland, and Save Lives.

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If you have the symptoms of the Coronavirus, contact your local test centre and get tested. It would be best to seize your opportunity when you are offered a vaccination; you will not help protect yourself. You will be protecting those you love and people you’ve never even met.

Here are the top 10+ best hospitals in Glasgow, Scotland:

Glasgow Royal Infirmary

Phone: 0141 211 4000

Glasgow Royal Infirmary serves North Glasgow for both inpatient and outpatient services.

The hospital has an Emergency Department and Minor Injuries Department.

Bupa Health Centre

Phone: 0141 800 4000

They offer a range of specialised assessments, vaccinations, musculoskeletal services, which include the following:

  • Female Health Checks.
  • Mature Health Checks.
  • Health Focus.
  • Health Enhance.

NHS Louisa Jordan Hospital

Covid Critical Centre

Exhibition Way


NHS Louisa Jordan Hospital’s prime service is as an established centre for critical Covid Care. The hospital was commissioned and opened in April 2020 to facilitate Covid-19 patients and take some of the strain on other hospital services in Scotland.

Perinatal Mental Health Service Hospital

Mental Health

Phone: 0141 211 6500

The Perinatal Mental Health Service provides care, support and treatment to women in pregnancy and those postnatal who are at risk of severe mental illness.

You may be referred for one of the following reasons:

  • You have been treated for mental health problems in the past and planning a future pregnancy.
  • You should be referred by your G.P., midwife, obstetrician or a health visitor that you are unwell and require help.
  • There is a family history of mental health problems.

New Stobhill Hospital

General Hospital

Phone: 0141 201 3000

The new Stobhill is one of the most modern and well equipped in Scotland. Patients benefit greatly from the latest modern facilities.

The hospital provides a welcoming environment that embraces its patients and visitors by creating an ambience of serenity, calm and compassion for their patients and visitors.

The hospital treats 400,000 patients every year.

In addition, outpatient clinics, day surgery, diagnostic and medical services.

The Royal Hospital For Children

Children’s Hospital

Phone: 0141 201 0000

The Royal Hospital for Children has 244 beds and the neonatal unit for the Royal Hospital for Children and the Queen Elizabeth University Maternity Hospital.

A large majority of the paediatric beds incorporate accommodation for parents. The hospital houses a Medicinema, Science Centre interactive activities funded by Glasgow’s Children’s Hospital Charity, indoor and outdoor play areas and a well-maintained roof garden.

Princess Royal Maternity Hospital

Maternity Hospital

Phone: 0141 211 5400

The Princess Royal Maternity is adjacent to Glasgow Royal Infirmary. The hospital has 140 beds and provides maternity and special care baby unit/ITU facilities for neonates.

You can view an array of videos showing you around the Princess Royal Maternity Unit to make sure you are ready for your new bundle of joy.

University Hospital Hairmyres

General Hospital

Phone: 01355 585000

The University Hospital Hairmyres is a district hospital with a general 24-hour accident and emergency department.

The services offered are as follows:

  • A full range of inpatient, outpatients, diagnostics and clinical support services.
  • MRI and C.T. scanners.
  • Psychiatric beds.
  • This is Lanarkshire’s cardiac catheterisation centre consists of two new starts of the art of catheterisation laboratories.

Gartnavel General Hospital

General Hospital

Phone: 0141 211 3000

The hospital is situated in the west of Glasgow and offers a broad range of medical and surgical sub-specialities supporting an inpatient operating department.

Gartnavel General Hospital has expanded over the years, linked to the Brownlee Centre for communicable diseases.

Beatson West Scotland Cancer Centre

Gartnavel General Hospital

Phone: 0141 300 7000

The Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre is the lead centre for delivering non-surgical cancer care in the west of Scotland.

Sir George Beatson, a pioneering surgeon at Glasgow’s first cancer hospital, the Beatson is Europe’s leading treatment centre.

It serves a population of 2.8 m and clinical links with five surrounding Health Board areas.

Waiting times for radical treatment are among the lowest in the U.K.

BMI Ross Hall Hospital

Phone: 0141 530 8016

BMI Ross Hall Hospital offers a wide range of private medical care. They specialise in the following treatments:

  • Hip and knee replacement surgery
  • Cataract surgery
  • Private Prostate Cancer Centre

Over 200 private consultants are practising at the BMI Ross hall hospital.

Appointments for specialist are usually available within 48 hours.

Referrals are accepted from G.P.’s, Optometrists and Physiotherapists.

NHS Golden Jubilee Hospital

Phone: 0141 951 5000

NHS Golden Jubilee is a facility housing the Golden Jubilee National Hospital, Research Institute and Conference Hotel. This integrated approach leads to a level of continuous growth and learning.

The Golden Jubilee National Hospital offers high-quality specialist and elective care for patients across Scotland.

During the lockdown, NHS Scotland and patient services are working hard to support it’s patients during the Coronavirus Pandemic, ensuring that care and compassion matter.

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