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20 Best Nutrition Companies in the UK | 2022

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Nutrition Companies

Nutrition is a central and essential factor in keeping healthy. If you are keen to try and become as fit and healthy as possible, you have to have a strong sense of what you should eat, and that means sticking to a sensible and complete diet. Many sources can help you, and one thing to think about is trying to find nutrition plans, supplements and so on that can give you some assistance in having the best diet.

That’s where the country’s nutrition companies come into play. By making good use of these at the right times, you can have a much greater chance of remaining healthy throughout your life and living a fuller life. To give you a helping hand, we have put together the following list of the twenty best nutrition companies in the UK. These are all worth looking into if you want to live more healthily.

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1. Perfect Body Shape

One of the most trusted and highly rated fitness and nutrition companies in the UK is Perfect Body Shape, which has an excellent rating on many websites, including Trustpilot with a rating of 5 with a huge number of respondents – 332. This is an excellent rating, but what is it that makes them so great and why do people trust Perfect Body Shape with their nutritional needs?

Customers cite the quick delivery and trustworthy packaging of the nutritional items they receive, and some of the best nutritional products on the market today. Perfect Body Shape sells a wide variety of supplements, including whey protein and more, as well as a range of vitamins and minerals for your general health. They have a particular focus on antioxidants, so if you are looking for a bit of a cleanse, this could be a great place to go.

What’s more, they even offer a gift with every order, so you could end up with something amazing in your basket.

2. Indigo Herbs

Indigo Herbs offer a huge range of herbal products for a wide variety of uses. Although they do not only offer nutritional products, this is still one of the main areas of focus that they have, so you can be sure to use their products to keep you healthy in general. They are well-regarded across the world, but especially in the UK, where they are one of the most visited nutritional sites in the country. So what exactly do they offer, and what can you use them for?

At Indigo Herbs, you can find all of the nutritionally beneficial products you could want, from acai berries to activated charcoal and any fruit you might care to name. But you can also get some healthy chocolate, great if you are dieting but you still want to be able to eat something delicious.

They also offer many recipes for healthy dishes, many of them vegan, so you can use their website if you are looking to discover some new healthy meals.

3. UK Juicers

If you are looking for a great way to start your next health kick, you could always consider starting to juice. A lot of people in this country swear by juicing, and there are indeed many profound benefits to be found from doing so. When you juice fruit and vegetables, it’s a wonderful way to get many vitamins and minerals into your system every day.

To make the most of that, you’ll want to check out UK Juicers, the UK’s primary juicing service. They provide award-winning whole slow juicers, so you can easily juice whatever fruit and veg you want without any trouble, and while retaining the full goodness of the food in question. They also offer many ‘healthy kitchen’ goods, including sprouters and seeds for healthy veg to include in your juicing, and even air quality products.

There is so much you can get all from the one place at UK Juicers, so check them out today.

4. Slim & Save

Sometimes, to get fully and successfully through your health kick, you need some support by your side to make it happen. Many Brits are receiving that very support through a service known as Slim & Save, and the reviews claim that it is a plan with amazing results and fantastic customer service.

So what exactly do they provide? Quite simply, they have three plans to choose from if you want to get healthy: a lifestyle plan of 3 packs of diet food a day, a simple plan with 4 packs, or the Simplicity Plus, which provides 5 packs a day. This is a vegetable-heavy diet plan service, and according to many previous customers, the results are quick and noticeable.

They promise to make you slim very fast, often as quickly as 30 days, so if you are hoping to improve your nutrition while losing some weight, they are certainly worth looking into.

5. Oxford Vitality

Oxford Vitality is a supplement company, but one with a difference. A lot of people baulk at the idea of taking supplements, but the truth is that supplements can be an important and useful part of retaining your best possible health. With a company like Oxford Vitality on your side, it could be easier than ever.

This is a science-led, customer-pleasing approach to supplemental use and it’s gaining traction in many corners of the UK. Oxford Vitality is proud to cater to every lifestyle and all ages and work hard to make their supplemental plans fit in with your life, rather than the other way around. Whether you grab their sage leaf tablets, omega 3 soft gels, zinc, and selenium, or tablets specifically made for better hair, skin, and nails, you can be sure of the highest quality every time.

Using supplements along with eating healthily is an incredibly important way to keep healthy, so it’s worth taking a look at what they have on offer today.

6. Peak Supps

Speaking of supplements, there are several other companies out there who also provide you with some amazing options. Peak Supps are particularly popular, known to provide an efficient service at some truly incredible prices, and you should check them out if you are looking for some top of the line supplements to go along with a healthy diet.

At Peak Supps, you can find supplements specifically designed for better sports nutrition, as well as general health and wellbeing items. That includes anti-inflammatory products, antioxidants, products focusing on gut health, immune support, fat loss, joint care, and even sleep aids. No matter what specific issues you might have with your health, you can probably find a solution to them here.

There is also a wonderful range of fully organic foods, so you can eat healthily and take the best supplements, all from the same place. If that sounds good to you, consider supporting them and sign up for their email newsletter to receive 10% off your first order.

7. Evolution Organics

A lot of nutrition companies focus on providing the customer with a range of organic options, but few do it to such a high degree as Evolution Organics. It’s not just in the name – it’s in everything they do, and this is a truly organic approach to eating better and being healthier. They provide a truly authentic source of health and wellness products, with a particular focus on organic nutrition.

Not everything they sell is organic, but they do offer plenty of organic products. What’s more noticeable is the way they approach their business, with a high degree of honesty and integrity so you can always trust their service. Their past customer reviews stand as a testament to that.

They stock a range of brands you will already know, such as Pukka Tea, as well as plenty of supplements and nutritional products you might not have heard about yet. There is also a vegan range, should that be relevant for you.

8. Lamberts Healthcare

Sometimes, you just want a company that is going to give you the supplements you need at a fair price, with the option to buy in bulk and save some cash. If you are looking for such a service as that, you might want to consider checking out Lamberts Healthcare.

At Lamberts Healthcare, you can find many featured ranges of nutritional products, including those suited for glucosamine, amino acids, minerals, digestive aids, all of the necessary vitamins and good fats, and more. There is even a sports range, should you want to try and improve your athletic ability with the help of some supplemental boosts and nutritional wellbeing packages for general health. Lamberts have been operating since 1982, and in that time they have developed into one of the most trusted and revered health and nutrition brands in the country. They are the UK’s leading provider of dietary supplements to pharmacists, so you know you can trust the quality of the goods.

Take a leaf through their website to find out more.

9. Proto-col

At first glance, you might think that Proto-col is simply a beauty company, but they do offer several health and nutritional products too, some of which are particularly beneficial for anyone hoping to improve their overall health. Of particular note is the immune system care products they stock, designed to help you boost your immune system and fight off diseases.

In that section, you will find their much-revered Green Magic powder, a combination of 16 natural superfoods in one. They operate on a subscription basis, which you can cancel at any time, so you can be sure that you are always going to get a regular supply of this extremely healthy powder. Sprinkle it on your granola or put it in a smoothie – either way, you’ll get the boost to your immune system we are all looking for in the age of covid.

Proto-col has a range of other, similar products too, so it is worth taking a look through their online catalog to see if there is anything suitable for your needs. You will probably find something worthwhile.

10. NVS Pharmacy

One of the main selling points of the online pharmacy known as NVS Pharmacy is that they so consistently please their customers with their amazing service. Time and again, people talk of their simple, easy transactions with incredibly positive customer service attached, as well as the fact that they routinely offer exactly the difficult-to-find product that you have been looking for. That is a very important and useful service to find online.

For the nutritionally-minded, there are many vitamins and supplements that you can buy here, and all at some of the fairest prices you are going to find anywhere online. Whatever you might have need here, you are bound to find it, and you can generally order in a high quantity as and when you might need to.

If what you are looking for primarily is an affordable and simple, stripped-back pharmacy service offering just the vitamins and supplements you need for a healthy lifestyle, then you need to look no further than NVS Pharmacy.

11. XMiles

On the surface of it, XMiles is an endurance store known to be beneficial to cyclists and the like. But it is also the UK’s fastest growing online nutrition store, so you know that you are going to be able to find plenty of nutritional needs there. They boast a range of over 70 brands in their nutritional section and a growing legion of customers who all seem pretty happy with the service so far.

If you want to get in on that, there are a lot of products you might first want to try out. Whether it’s their 2-in-1 multivitamin hydration tablets, their energy gels, or the wide range of all of the nutrients and supplements you might need, you can find it all at XMiles, and for a very good price too.

XMiles also offer some natural pain relief products, so if you are the kind of person who tends to get aches and pains after exercising, that could help keep you moving.

12. The Six Pack Revolution

With the Six Pack Revolution, you get not just one of the most successful ab-training programs in the country, but also a range of nutritional and health products designed to help reveal your abs. Although that may or may not be your goal, the truth is that these products are often perfectly healthy for other reasons too, and you should consider taking a look through these if you want to improve your overall health.

The website offers many great smoothies for a healthy diet, including meal replacement options if you are looking to diet for a while. There are also post-workout smoothies to help you restore the nutrients you need when you have just been working out. There are also some gift ideas if you are looking for something to get the special someone in your life – and a book that will help you to have a better sense of what you should be putting in your body, and what is best to avoid.

With all of that, it’s no wonder that the Six Pack Revolution is growing and growing in popularity every day.

13. Quick Vit

Quick Vit is a health store that has been operating since the 80s, and it was one of the first such stores to start selling its products online. Today, it has a fresh-looking and often-visited website, and it is the first place to go for many people who might be looking for some amazing British nutritional products.

Here you can find all of the usual suspects, including every vitamin and mineral you could care to name. But you can also find CBD oil, helpful products for joint care, manuka honey, and there is a whole foods section too.

We all know just how important it is to eat plenty of whole foods if you want to remain healthy. With a site like Quick Vit, you can grab all of the whole foods you need at the same time as your supplements, so you can start bossing your health in more ways than one!

With excellent ratings on Trustpilot and elsewhere, and free delivery to the whole of the UK on all orders, it is worth checking out the Quick Vit website.

14. Muscleform

Growing bigger muscles is about much more than just looking at the part, although the cosmetic benefits are great. When you are making a point of using your muscles regularly, you are providing yourself with all-round health benefits, at the same time as helping to burn fat on the whole of your body. All of that is easier and more effective if you make use of a service like that found at Muscleform.

If you require some high-quality protein products, you need to look nowhere else. Similarly, there is plenty of creatine to choose from, which is another hugely important workout supplement for muscle-builders. They also offer many dietary and weight control products, should you be keen on that too. And they have several all-in-one nutritional supplements, so you can ensure you are taking great care of your body on the whole.

Take a look at Muscleform’s website to see whether you could benefit from some of these amazing products.

15. Loving Foods

Loving Foods is an especially powerful service to look into if you have problems with your gut health that need fixing. All of their products are completely organic and utterly unpasteurized. It is this naturally-fermented approach that sets them apart from the rest. You might be amazed at the kinds of foods that they provide under this banner, too.

Among the most popular products on Loving Foods, a website is organic kimchi, organic sauerkraut, a range of fermented drinks, and canned, fermented vegetables. The 2020 Great Taste award gave the Smoky Kimchi the honor of 2-stars and the Match & Mint Kombucha with 1-star. On the whole, they are a well-regarded and accoladed company, so you know you can trust them with your health food needs.

The customer reviews are just as positive: 93% mark Loving Foods as Excellent, with less than 1% giving them Average or lower. It’s time to check out Loving Foods for yourself and see whether they can offer you what you need.

16. Energy Snacks

We all know how useful energy snacks can be when working out, hiking, cycling, or doing any other kind of strenuous physical activity. It’s good to have somewhere you can go to find those products, and Energy Snacks online is one of the most trusted options out there. You are certainly going to be able to find the energy products you need there, but you’ll also be able to grab hold of a wide range of other nutritionally-beneficial health products that are worth considering too.

At Energy Snacks online, you will find bars, chews, drinks, and gels designed to give you a natural boost of energy. You will also find electrolyte tabs to help you stay hydrated – an important concern when you are exercising, and a valuable aspect of your health. There are also all the supplements and nutrients you might care to name, as well as important recovery items for once you have finished your workout. All of that together makes it one of the most useful services if you are an active exerciser looking to retain your good health.

17. Flora Fusion

As we all know, CBD is now the talk of the town, and with good reason. Taking CBD oil on a regular basis has been shown to be linked to a decrease in symptoms related to depression, an easing of anxiety in most people, better sleep, a calmer mind, and a healthy heart rate. Most people only need to take a couple of drops of oil a day for this to be effective, so it is a powerful substance that is worth looking into.

If you are keen to see whether CBD could be an important part of your overall health, why not check out the Glasgow-based Flora Fusion? They are one of the most prominent and fastest-growing CBD companies in the UK, offering a wide range of CBD products online that you can buy for a very good price. It’s worth checking them out today to see whether they might be of help to you.

18. Treasure Your Health

As we have seen already throughout this list, many places simply offer you a simple online service for buying all of the nutrients and supplements you might need for a healthy diet and lifestyle. The best sites are generally those that offer all of this in a very stripped-back way, and that is certainly true of Treasure Your Health.

Here, you will find all the normal supplements at some great prices. What’s more, the delivery time is exceptional, and the packaging is now all paper, rather than plastic, so it’s a great option for anyone who cares about looking after the planet while looking after your own health.

You’ll also find a great clearance sale section, should you want to try and save some cash along the way. All shipping is free, and there is a standard 30-day return policy on anything you buy. This is the kind of peace of mind that you are going to love.

19. London Wellness Centre

The London Wellness Centre is primarily a care center for those with chiropractic pain and other related issues. However, they also offer help with general pain management, and while a lot of that includes their in-house treatment there is also plenty of nutritional help that they give you too. In particular, you can hope to find a wide range of nutritionally beneficial products which in turn help to keep your pain under management, and generally ensure you have a healthier approach to life. All of that and more can be sought from the London Wellness Centre.

The previous customers here rate the service extremely highly, citing a friendly and approachable team who are always happy to help. So as well as looking at the website, you might want to consider calling them up to ask them for assistance and help. It’s a great service, so take a look today.

20. Body & Mind Studio

For all the health and nutrition items you could need, you don’t need to look any further than the Body and Mind Studio. They offer a wide range of products, including the best diet and nutrition products, skin and hair care, and items for better overall and general health.

One of the main selling points of the studio is that they are happy to tailor the service to each individual, taking your personal history and showing you what products are most suited to your needs. That’s something you don’t find in many other places online, and yet it’s likely to be all you need, so it’s worth taking a look at today.

There is a wide variety here, but all of these nutrition companies are going to be helpful in one way or another, so be sure to check them all out today.

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