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How to send clothes to Pakistan?

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How to send clothes to Pakistan?

Buying and sending Pakistani dresses online is actually much easier than you might think. Here, we explain the process in more detail.

Sending clothes to Pakistan

Sending clothes to Pakistan is incredibly simple, especially when you use services like Studio By TCS.

Start by logging onto the website and then choosing the clothes that you want. Then, when you get to the checkout, enter the address you’d like to deliver your Pakistani dresses to. This can be an address in a western country, like the US, or it can be an address in Pakistan.

Once your order is processed, your items will ship to your chosen address. If the address is in Pakistan, the package will make its way overseas. Couriers will then deliver the clothes without you having to lift a finger.

You can also send clothes in your wardrobe to Pakistan yourself. Start by finding a courier company that specialises in delivering clothes overseas. Then get them to collect the clothes from you and take them to their depot. Then pay a postage fee based on the weight of the package. Services will typically charge you by the kilogram.

Why send clothes to Pakistan?

There are all kinds of reasons why you might want to send clothes to Pakistan.

You don’t want to travel with them

One reason is that you don’t want to travel with them. If you have a lot of clothes, it is often much easier to get a courier to deliver them to your Pakistani address for you instead of taking them with you through airport security.

You want to send a gift

Many people also send clothes to Pakistan as a gift. Instead of hopping on a flight and delivering them in person, you simply rely on postal and courier services to do it for you, saving you time and money.

You want to save money

Getting clothes sent directly to Pakistan is another great way to save money. Many retailers keep inventories of clothing on the Pakistani mainland, allowing them to send clothes far more cheaply to addresses in the country.

How much does sending clothes to Pakistan cost?

Sending clothes to Pakistan varies according to who you use. The most affordable option is to order directly from Studio by TCS and rely on our courier and delivery service to deliver the clothing for you. Paying a third-party and arranging shipping yourself is usually significantly more expensive. You have to pay for pickup, individual shipping and packing which can ultimately increase your bills.


In summary, sending clothes to Pakistan can sound like a logistical nightmare, but when you use Studio by TCS, it becomes much easier. You simply order your clothes on the website as you would normally and then enter your Pakistani address. We then ship goods to this address in a timely manner.

You can choose to use third-party shipping providers. However, these tend to be more costly than going through retailers directly. It’s a good option if you already have Pakistani clothes in your wardrobe you want to send.

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