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10 Best Addiction Treatment Centres UK in 2022

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Addiction Treatment Centre uk

The UK is one of the biggest places in the world where many people have a problem with the addiction of a different kind.  Some people have the problem of drugs where are some of the people who have a problem with alcohol.  Depends on the problem of the patient there are many addiction treatment centres in the UK which can give the services to treat and heal the people for eternity. Rehabilitation centres in the UK are available of good quality but depend on your requirements and budget you need to find them. 

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Turning point

This is the addiction Treatment Centre from Manchester and most importantly it is trying to recover the patients were having the addiction to alcohol and drugs.  The UK Is the place where different patients are addicted to drug and alcohol. Drug and alcohol are going to kill you and that is why this agency is trying to Detox your body and remove all the alcohol and drugs from your body.  If you want to live a healthy life then visit this agency and find the services they are providing and also the charges they are going to take.

Castle Craig

The motto of this rehabilitation Centre is that leave the addiction behind. This rehabilitation Centre is on at least 50 locations in the UK which means that this is one of the best and also one of the famous places of treatment for the patients.  On this place, you will be able to find the treatment for alcohol and drugs. Especially in the area of Scotland, Working from 1988 the hundreds of patients have been treated from this place. It is the sad news that the patient is increasing by the day but is still there is no burden on this rehabilitation Centre because they are prepared for that. This place can accommodate 30 to 50 patients at one time and the treatment for that can include the Group Therapy also. 

ARC Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centre

This is one of the most famous rehabilitation Centre in the UK.  Not only that they are going to treat the patient but also they will do it with scientific research. If you have the son of the daughter or you have the mother who is addicted to some problem then this is the place for you.  You should be using the rehabilitation Centre to treat the patient from the root. For taking the admission on this place there is a simple procedure and also the rehabilitation treatment will only take some time out of your life. Depends on the condition of the patient you should consult with the experts and management and they will be able to make the time plan for you according to the treatment you require. 

Narconon United Kingdom

There is only one goal in this place which is to overcome the addiction problem. The centre will take every detail from you.  They will do everything necessary to give you the output according to your wish. They will give you the stability of the Strategies and the steps they have taken. Rebuilding the life of the patient is the very important and Critical task especially for the people who are addicted to some narcotics and this is the addiction Treatment Centre in the UK which is going to suffice your requirements and give you the luxury of the output.


This is the private hospital in London who is treating the addiction patients. At this place, the only treatment for you would be the help from the experts and also the environment which is going to be relaxed. This Hospital has opened in 2010 and this place has specific plans to make the patient recover from the treatment. They are also treating the patients of alcohol and drugs and also the food addicted people.   The charges for this Centre would be From 10 Thousand Pounds to 20000 Pounds depends on the requirement of the patient.  Even though this place is expensive but the output from this place has been seen very promising. 

Livingstone house

Birmingham is one of the best cities in the UK and even though it is best in many things, it also has many of the patients who are addicted to alcohol and drugs. This is the charity addiction Treatment Centre and you will be very happy to find that many people are going to cure your disease. It is the three-story building which can accommodate every type of patient. They have different stages of recovering the patient from the addiction.  First, they will detoxify your body then they will give you the primary and secondary care and after that, they will give you the aftercare. So you can understand that not only removing the harmful elements from your body is essential but also the aftercare which will take you to a healthy and happy life.

The Manor Clinic

This is the small clinic in the area of the UK and if you are looking for the big team to accommodate you then this is the place for you. The recommended services from NHS are given under one roof over here. You will be very happy to find that also the minor surgery service is available from this place.  This is the small but cute Clinic and it is not going to compromise on the services for the patient. Not only the patience of addiction but also the vaccination are available over here and in the pandemic of coronavirus, they are specifically treating the patients for isolation and all.

New Leaf recovery project 

New Leaf recovery project is a private residential recovery centre in Birmingham.  This centre is offering services to patients of addiction to alcohol and drug. They say that they are going to use the Strategies and the services for a long time because they know that Addiction treatment has to go further. According to them, many patients have gone the treatment from this agency and they are doing their best.  The patients have recovered very quickly and also the output is very long term.

The counselling clinic

As the name of this agency can tell you this is the addiction Treatment Centre from Birmingham.  They say that Life doesn’t come with instructions.  You need to live the life according to your instinct and see that whatever is beneficial for you and whatever is harmful to you.  If you think something is beneficial for you then you go for that.  Every intelligent and ethical person knows that drug is never good for the body of the human being.  We all are family are there are many types of bad addictions in the world including the UK like alcohol and drugs.  And to remove the harmful elements from your body, you need to go to the counselling clinic who will treat this addiction from your body. 

Clouds House

This addiction Treatment Centre is working from 1983 and they are not working alone but they are in connection with the experts from across the globe.  They have an established team, which is going to use the 12-step program to treat every type of addiction the patient has.  According to the information this Treatment Centre is treating the alcohol addiction, the drug addiction and also you will be amazed to find that they are also treating the gaming addiction. The Occupancy limit of this place is from 16 to 30.  You should know that this Treatment Centre will also be connecting on the personal level with each patient.  It means that you will not be feeling alone and you will be having the support till the end of your session.  There are many types of treatment this addiction Centre will use from specific treatment to the general treatment. 

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