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Incorporating Patterns into Your Kitchen or Bathroom

by Best Agencies
Incorporating Patterns into Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Adding a splash of colour to the kitchen or bathroom can be great for making the place your own. It is often the smallest touches that add up to the biggest difference when looking to bring originality and character.

If you really want to give your kitchen and bathroom the ultimate visual makeover, why not consider bringing patterns into the space?

The inclusion of patterns in most rooms of the home has always been a contentious subject. Some will tell you it is far too difficult to pull off, unless you understand the most important principles of interior design.

In reality, incorporating patterns into rooms like the kitchen or bathroom can be surprisingly simple. All you need to do is follow a few basic rules, while keeping things as simple as possible.

1. Keep to a Consistent Colour Palette

The colours of the patterns you choose should be as close to those as your home’s existing colour palette as possible. Slight variations in terms of tone and shade are fine, just as long as they closely match the dominant colours surrounding them.

Patterns become loud and chaotic when they comprise colours that clash ‘noisily’ with their surroundings. Just as long as you stick with colours similar to those already in the space, patterns can be easy to incorporate.

2. Install a Glass Splashback

This is by far the quickest and easiest option for bringing patterns into the kitchen or bathroom. A glass splashback is elegant, sophisticated and surprisingly simple to install. Bespoke splashbacks can also be designed in just about any shape, size and specification imaginable.

Splashbacks can be fantastic for bringing anything from a floral motif to a colourful patterned tile print into your kitchen or bathroom. This comes with the added bonus of a fantastically durable and hygienic decorative feature, with the potential to last a lifetime with just the bare minimum TLC.

3. Go Neutral with Your Graphics

If unsure as to how coloured patterns would work with their surroundings, you could always stay safe by going neutral. Decorative elements like splashbacks can feature just about any pattern or graphic imaginable. Circular patterns, stripes, honeycombs and chevrons are all great for bringing something interesting into the kitchen or bathroom.

In all instances, keeping things simple with neutral colours makes it easy to incorporate them with any existing décor. Neutral shades light grey, black, white, beige and so on can work well with just about any colour palette.

4. Experiment with Patterned Fabrics

Another easy way to incorporate patterns into a kitchen or bathroom is to experiment with patterned fabrics. The beauty of this option is the portability of the decorative features in question, and the fact that they can be removed if you change your mind.

Fabric wall hangings, patterned cushions for furniture and rugs for the floor; these are all fantastic for transforming the look and feel of a kitchen or bathroom.  The same basic rules apply with regard to colours and consistency, however there is even more room for experimentation when playing around with patterned fabrics and accessories.

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