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10 Best Gyms in Sheffield

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10 Best Gyms in Sheffield

Have you wanted to hit the gym and get your healthier lifestyle going with a fun exercise routine, but you just don’t know which gym to choose? It can feel very daunting to pick one, seeing as there are so much more than there used to be – each one specializing in a different area of fitness, and each one great in its own way. Well, look no further! Here you will find a comprehensive list of Sheffield’s best gyms according to their ratings and the equipment and services they offer. Reading the below article will enable you to choose the best gym in line with your specific needs and give you peace of mind, knowing you’ve made the right choice!

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Focusing on being a close-knit community, BXFGYM is proud to host an environment where everyone is working toward the same goal and supports one another continuously. If you’re a sports-driven individual, then this is definitely the way to go! Fitted with a sports performance astroturf as well as an American Football pitch, you’ll have all the space you need for some field exercise. This particular gym is also equipped with a fantastic cardio zone – from treadmills to air bikes and rowers to cross trainers; you definitely won’t fall short on any equipment you might need for a killer cardio workout!

#2 PureGym

With an almost 5 star rating from over 560 consistently positive reviews, this gym is definitely a crowd-pleaser. While temporarily closed due to Covid-19 restrictions, this facility still stands as one of the best in town. Boasting over 50 free classes available to you each week, you’ll definitely get value for your money! One of the best aspects of PureGym, also, is the fact that there is no contract holding you down, plus they have free wifi! Equipped with over 220 pieces of the latest equipment, you’ll be hard-pressed to need something they don’t already have!

#3 Virgin Active Sheffield

This particular gym has a state-of-the-art, Olympic standard swimming pool – the perfect feature for swimming enthusiasts or professional athletes. Virgin Active gyms are situated worldwide, which attests to their success as a facility that provides everything you need to reach your fitness goals. It is also equipped with a spa for relaxing and unwinding, a cycling studio, a climbing wall for the adrenaline junkies, and even facilities for kids where they are entertained and kept safe while you have your killer workout. This gym is for the whole family and has it all!

#4 The Gym Sheffield The Moor

Forming part of The Gym Group, The Gym Sheffield The Moor is ideally situated in Sheffield’s heart and offers no-contract memberships to free you from any commitments. The facility provides lots of space for yoga sessions, warming up, or stretching, giving you more than enough room to feel comfortable and focused. If you’re looking to get lean, The Gym has ample cardio machines to ensure you don’t have to wait in any frustrating lines to get your cardio workout going. Want to bulk up? No problem! With a variety of weight machines that target specific muscle groups, you’ll be reaching your goal in no time.

#5 English Institute of Sport Sheffield

If you’re looking for a gym that can offer whatever activity you feel like on any given day, this is the one to go with! This facility has it all, from a three-story gym equipped with cardio, resistance, and state-of-the-art training equipment to an indoor athletics track for the dedicated sports professionals. The athletics track is the only indoor one found in the entire Sheffield, offering exclusivity and the opportunity to take your workout from the gym to the track without any hassle.

#6 Trib3

Providing an unforgettable workout, fitted with heart rate monitors and an intense scientifically proven exercise routine, you’ll achieve your fitness goal in no time at this unique boutique fitness studio. “Brilliant service and exceptional staff, love the whole concept” are just one of the many reviews that make this facility stand out as an exceptional gym that is definitely worth considering when choosing the one you want to join. At Trib3, you’ll experience a group workout session like never before and be part of a community that cares about your progress.

#7 Nuffield Health

This specific gym offers lots of specialists in the field – from personal trainers to physiotherapists, physiologists, and even GP’s. All of the above are available to you in order to focus on your specific workout, needs, and goals. Nuffield health also boasts very modern  classes and features lots of amenities like a tennis court, a sauna, a swimming pool, and a medical clinic. This is one of the very few gyms that are open 24/7, so no matter how your day is going or what time you can fit a quick workout in your schedule, Nuffield Health will be available and ready for you.

#8 The Fitness Club Sheffield

This facility focuses more on the cardio side of your workout routine and provides ample equipment for you to push yourself to your limits and reach new heights when exercising. Cardio is crucial to your heart and lung health and improves your muscle endurance, which is why TFC is dedicated to helping you take your workout to the next level. TFC also has a fantastic weights section and personal trainers available to assist you with anything you might need help with.

#9 Anytime Fitness

Also open 24/7, Anytime Fitness Gym offers a wide variety of options depending on your preferences. This facility aims to be a one-stop-shop for all your fitness needs, from functional training equipment to free weights access. Anytime Fitness also offers virtual training sessions for at-home trainers and small group training classes for individuals who like the motivation a crowd offers. This particular brand also has more than 4500+ gyms worldwide, so you are assured of the highest quality of services you could possibly find!

#10 Structure Sport and Fitness

Focused on performance-driven results, Structure Sport and Fitness provide functional strength and conditioning by mostly using weights and barbells. Joining this facility means you’ll have access to trained and skilled experts in the industry who will assist you every step of the way during your path to your ultimate fitness goals. They also provide group classes, sports therapy, and personalized training to ensure nothing falls through the cracks with your workouts.

Whatever gym you choose to join, the most important thing is to go for it and not wait around for any more time to pass before you embark on the journey that is a healthier lifestyle and overall improved fitness. Most importantly – be sure to use all the services at your disposal and push yourself as far as possible; you definitely won’t regret it!

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