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Before Guide to Backyard projectors I will tell you that what a projector is? A projector is a device which displays the screen of your computer or TV through ray lights on where ever you direct that towards too. Like for example if you install a white sheet hanging somewhere and you direct the rays of projector towards that, then you will see your screen of Computer or TV on that white sheet

So as you can see that what type of function a projector does. Now, you want a backyard projector, means a projector which you can install in your house backyard, but wait!  How you can do that? I will tell you some of the steps. Firstly, you need the dedicated high quality projectors which can give you the best result, outside. Which can products the lights so bright that even you can see the clear picture in the backyard where this is a bit of sunlight. I haven`t seen much projectors , specifically made for outdoor but if you can buy a good projector with HD version then it will work for you even if you want to install it outside . Now, you can use any type of screen, even your garage could be like a screen. Just it would be good if the place you want to see the picture on is flat and without any stains or cracks. The best option is the white sheet tied to two trees, hanging in between. According to your budget you can even buy the screens for that purpose, available at big shops.

After all this, I will tell some of the tips you should definitely do before watching the movie or so on the projectors.

Firstly, If you can then don’t put the projector permanently. You can install, uninstall it anytime, but if you think that this is the spot fixed where I will watch my shows or movies every time then you can install it permanently, no issue with that.

Don’t put the projector, near any wet stuffs. No sprinkles should be around that. Beware of rainy weather too.

Power cords should be away as much as possible.

No fire, BBQ and stuffs like that around the projector. Keep your pets in the cage or away from the projector.

Install the projector on the place where you have the darkest environment. Because watching the TV on projector is best in the dark.

Now you can invite you relatives, friends, and neighbors and so on, and don’t charge them the money. It’s not a cinema, it’s your backyard.

Don’t be the hero of your projector. Consult to the experts of projectors and also go through the manual of the projector you bought.

All of this can cost you according to your needs. If you have the budget, then buy the best projectors with the best and largest screen for better viewing. Decide accordingly, and if you are worried at first then go to Guide to Backyard projectors for the help.

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