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The Ultimate Price Guide for Lounge Cleaning Services

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The Ultimate Price Guide for Lounge Cleaning Services

Is your lounge looking a little worse for wear? It may be time to consider hiring a professional lounge cleaning service. Consider these factors to estimate how much a lounge cleaning will cost and hire a company that provides you with the best quality for your dollar.

How much does lounge cleaning cost?

There are many factors that go into determining how much lounge cleaning will cost. In general, the cost will depend on the size of the lounge, the type of material, and the soil level.

Lounge Size

Large lounges have a greater surface area, and therefore take longer to clean. Though the amount of time it takes to clean a lounge factors into the cost, be wary of upholstery cleaning companies that claim to need a very long time to complete the job.

A reputable and professional upholstery cleaning service will emphasize the importance of efficiency and affordability in their services. Shop around to determine how long your lounge should take to clean.

Material of Lounge

The material of your lounge will determine two things: the type of product that can be used on it, and the equipment needed to safely remove stains and soil.

Basic fabric lounges have a wide range of product options and services. Two of the most effective options include hot water extraction and carbonation cleaning.

Hot water extraction works by injecting a pressurized solution of hot water and cleaning solvent deep inside of your lounge to remove tough stains. Carbonation cleaning works similarly, the main difference being that stains are removed through the use of popping carbonated bubbles and considerably less hot water, significantly reducing the drying time.

Lounges made of more delicate material, such as leather and microsuede, are easily damaged by moisture. These types of lounges require dry cleaning and spot cleaning methods. Leather also benefits from leather treating, which will improve both the appearance and longevity of your lounge.

Soil Level

Like size, the soil level of your lounge will determine both the products required and the amount of time needed to get your lounge looking like new. More expensive products will drive up the cost, as will the time needed to treat deeper stains.

The bottom line

Regardless of the type of lounge you own, you can expect lounge cleaning services to cost somewhere between $50 and $200. The best lounge cleaning companies will work with you to determine the level of service needed to achieve the result you desire.

While you may be tempted to skip hiring a professional, it is very difficult to thoroughly clean your lounge with consumer-level products. Many of these products are designed to provide results that make a visible difference, but do not go beyond surface level.

Though lounge cleaning may seem like an unnecessary expense, by investing in maintaining your existing lounge, it will last you for years to come and prevent you from needing to purchase a brand new lounge.

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