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10 Best Bakeries in London

by Best Agencies
10 best bakeries in london

London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and in this city not only you will enjoy yourself as a tourist but also as a resident.  When you are going out to eat something then most of the people go to the restaurant but many people also focus on the bakeries to get their desired food.  In most of the bakeries in London, you will find unique food and for that reason, many people come to the Bakery.  Also if you have any specific Desire about any food or drink then the Bakery can accommodate that very easily.   Let us see some of the best bakeries in London with all the amenities and mouth-filling tasty foods. 

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Rinkoff Bakery 

In London, there are many options you will get when it comes to the talk about the Bakery.  This is another Bakery which you will love as they are offering pastries and donuts of every kind.  It the small than what people perceive about it, but they are working in this field since 1911 which makes them experienced.  They are putting their experience in the taste of the food they are offering. One of the special food they are offering to every person who comes to their Bakery is crodough.  You can call this thing to be the hybrid of the doughnut.  The people are in love with this thing because of the taste and the pricing of the product.  It is not very expensive to eat and also very unique in taste.  Many people drive miles to come to this bakery to enjoy the doughnut and similar Bakery products which are cooked in the proper way and with the joyful taste. 

Cutter and Squidge

It is the Modern Bakery in London which is offering pastries for not only adults but also children.  It is a light field Bakery with the highest tools on which you can sit and enjoy the ambiance. The Bakery is very popular with the local people and also in The Tourist because of the pastries and their amazing taste.  If you are in love with the pastry then this is the location you should go for.  Some of the time you will have a problem with the service but that is because of the high demand of the customer. If you have some special day in your life and you want the special cakes then this Bakery can provide you that also. They are also providing the home delivery of the products you are in love with so even during these times you can order whatever you love. 

The Old Post Office Bakery

This local bakery in London is not only good in terms of the food but also the services they are providing.  There is special food is related to the pastries and bread which are very popular with the local people. The shop is very compact and their food will be very artistic to buy. If you want you can dine in the Bakery and enjoy the Savory foods or you can take out the delivery and enjoy it with your family and friends. The timing of the Bakery can go from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.  So if you have a problem related to the job timing then you can come on the weekends and enjoy the Savory foods.  If you are a tourist then you can ask the local people about this Bakery and they will be able to guide you about the location of the place and also the food which you should go for. 

The Bread Station

As the name of this Bakery gives us the idea that this Bakery is focusing on the bread of every kind in the London area.  As a lover of bread, you can enjoy this Bakery according to the local consumers. They do have a place where you can sit and enjoy but most of the people take out the bread and enjoy it at home. If you want you can just drive to the Bakery and get the freshly baked bread and then along with the coffee enjoy at your home or wherever you want to go.  This is very common in the local people. Because it is homemade many people prefer this organic food and because of the freshly baked good people are not focusing on the pricing but the output they are getting.  When it comes to the pricing of the food over here it is not accommodating but it is not expensive also. From early morning till evening this Bakery is open for everyone and you can come for empowering your taste buds. 

Pophams Bakery – Islington

It is a bakery in London That specializes in pastries and sweets. This Bakery will not only give you the pastries of Amazing taste but also they will be having a traditional touch to it.  On the weekend they make the specials which are very unique and very lovable by the local people.  Some of the tourists are also enjoying the food from this Bakery even though it is not very centric to the London city. If you are a person who is living on a budget then this Bakery might not be very affordable for you as the pastries are a bit expensive in the pocket. But the service is amazing as they are fast and reliable. You will find different options for the pastries which you might not have even heard about. If you want you can take out the pastries to your home otherwise you can sit in the sitting area outside the Bakery and enjoy the coffee with pastries and make it a memorable experience of your life.  Local people are familiar with pastries of different kinds which can be unique in taste and also amazing for the taste buds.  You can ask them in this regard and they will be able to suggest to you something which can add to your experience. 

The Family Cake Company

You are living in London and want to enjoy the cakes then it became possible because now you can find the family cake company to provide you the best quality and great taste of the cakes. Not only this company is providing good quality cakes but their pricing is also affordable.  If you want you can get the special occasion cake uniquely cake from them. If you want they can deliver to your home with ease and also it will be fast delivery. They are working in this field for some time and you can find their experience in the quality and taste of the cake.  They are mostly delivering the cake to the home that is why if you want to dine in or you want to take away then this is not possible. You can call them for the delivery from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day and if you have a special order then you can order that also.  One thing is for certain that their cake will make your special day memorable. 

St. John Bakery

You want to enjoy the cake and pastries in the middle of London and you are confused about which Bakery you should get it then this is the Bakery you can opt for.  Not only that this Bakery is providing amazing quality in the doughnuts and pastries but also they can give you the amazing taste in the cakes. It is the stand-alone Bakery for the restaurant and they are providing different foods that can amaze your taste buds. You can only have a store shopping service from this Bakery but it is an amazing experience according to the people who have been their customers.  The only drawback of this Bakery is that Because of the crowd it can be slow sometimes.  But if you can beat the crowd and get the desired product in your hand then the experience will be amazing. 


Because London is one of the most important and popular cities around the world many foreign companies are working in this city to provide the products related to food and others.  This Bakery is from Sweden and they provide the Swedish taste in London city. It is the tiny and sweet Bakery With amazing coffee and pastries. If you are in love with the place which is cozy and you can enjoy your time alone or with your loved one then this is the place you can go for.  Not only that this Bakery is providing in-store shopping but also you can dine in to eat the amazing coffee and pastries.  If you are not able to have the luxury of the timing then you can also ask for delivery at your home. On your special occasions, they can also provide the services of the cakes which will be custom made. 

GAIL’s Bakery Soho

The unique and amazing thing about this Bakery is that they have around 30 varieties of bread. In the Soho area of London, you can enjoy this Bakery providing the amazing taste in the bread along with the coffee. They are providing the dining services for the tourist and local people and if you want you can take away the food at your home. During the coronavirus, they have some limitations on how much people can sit in the Bakery but even during the pandemic there providing an amazing taste in the food. If you have the Desire of eating breakfast or lunch them they also provide that with amazing service. They specialize in making handmade bread with the pastry which can give you a glimpse of the taste from home and organic.  Most of the people who are in love with this Bakery say that their staff is amazing. If you want to make the most of the bread taste then you should order the House blend special coffee from this Bakery and make the experience memorable for you. 


It is the special and independent change working in London who is providing the services related to the cakes and pastries. They are known for their amazing taste in the cakes and also the quality of them. If you have some special needs like you are looking for gluten-free sweets then this Bakery can also provide you that. Some of the amazing brownies in this Bakery are vegan which can be accommodating for many people. They have a good collection of Mini cups from which you can choose the taste you love. Some local people prefer this Bakery to make the custom made cake for their special occasions and they have got amazing and affordable experience. 

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