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10 Best Gyms in Nottingham

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10 Best Gyms in Nottingham

Are you looking for an easily accessible gym in Nottingham? There is a wide variety to choose from depending on your location, fitness needs and preferences. Whether you want a facility that offers yearly, monthly or on attendance admission, you’ll find a convenient facility that also makes commuting easy. Most facilities provide cardiovascular activities, weight lifting, individual and group sessions. Here is an outline of 10 of the best gyms in Nottingham.

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PureGym Castle Marina

PureGym Marina opened its doors in 2019. It’s a sister gym to PureGym Nottingham Basford. It offers 24-hour services making it a flexible option for those with a busy or unpredictable schedule. If it’s your first time to hear about PureGym, it’s a well-established gym with franchises all over the country. It offers a modern- well-equipped facility with considerations to individual fitness needs.

The facility has a Plus membership package that allows you access to other PureGym facilities in the country if you happen to be out of town. You can also freeze your membership at any time at no added cost, plus get a guest gym pass four times a month.

CrossFit Nottingham

CrossFit is a well-known brand, and its affiliate CrossFit Nottingham lives up to its name. The facility, a modern equipped gym, emphasises strength and muscle training and portrays itself as a lifestyle, not just a walk-in fitness facility. Members workout together, creating a tight bond within the circle rather than work out individually, which many people find boring or hard to maintain.

If it’s your first time to be in a CrossFit gym, the facility offers a free first session to taste how things work. With the membership, you’ll have unrestricted access to the training area in the morning, afternoons and weekends.

Castle Gym

Castle gym is the oldest facility in Nottingham after being established in 1981. It has over 10000 weights, at least ten personal trainers, a training dog and dedicated fitness rooms. The facility offers a flexible payment plan.

You don’t have to subscribe to the monthly or yearly plan but can pay on the go. They even have a unique program for cardio training for those who don’t like weight training.

UFC Gym Nottingham

There are only two UFC franchise gyms in the country, making it a favourite for those who love UFC sports. The other gym is located in Woking, but both facilities started operations in 2019. UFC gym in Nottingham is ideal for those who love combat sports such as boxing, self-defence, kickboxing, yoga and other special training sessions.

The gym has training sessions for youth interested in self-defense, kickboxing, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The premium membership has unlimited access to martial arts classes as well as fitness and training sessions.

Virgin Active

If you are looking for a conveniently located gym making commutes easy, Virgin Active is your choice. It is located next to the old Nottingham train station. It also makes it an exciting venue with a range of training and fitness options that encourage individual and group sessions.

The facility has a studio space, a gym floor and enough room to cater to group sessions. Apart from a wide range of fitness equipment, Virgin Active has a Boditrax machine making it easier to track your weekly or monthly progress. It also has a swimming pool and allows children over ten years to train after an induction session.

Witness The Fitness Training Studios

Are you looking for a gym that caters to community needs or feels like a family away from home? Witness the Fitness Training Studios is your ideal choice. The Director and top fitness coach, Pete Staples’ infectious, easy-going, and accommodative demeanor easily rubs on to the members, making it easier for new members to fit in quickly. The facility organises individual and groups sessions, classes, events and competitions.

Rebels Gym Nottingham

If looking for a quality but affordable gym without the hustle of going through salespeople or signing contracts, Rebels Gym Nottingham should be an ideal choice. You’ll not pay any membership or commitment fees but can pay per session, weekly or monthly. Rebel gym has a wide variety of weight training and cardiovascular machines, and a boxing ring.

The facility offers one-on-one sessions with a personal trainer, and you can choose to have an online training session.

David Ross Sports Village

Located inside the University of Nottingham campus, David Ross Sports Village is easily mistaken for a private students only facility. It offers its services to the public with a wide variety of training equipment and an airy, bright and accommodating training arena. The facility opened in 2017 with 200 stations, multiple cardio equipment, weights and other strength-building machines, making it an ideal spot for anyone looking for a complete workout.

The facility has a swimming pool, and if you like to use it regularly, you can include it in the membership or pay £2 every time you use it. You can watch Netflix, movies or catch your favourite matches as you work out on the treadmills.

Formula One Fitness Centre

What’s unique about Formula One Fitness Centre is that it offers a lady’s only arena and a separate space for everyone. Each facility is on an independent floor, so if you’ve been looking for a place to train with other ladies privately, this is the place.

Each of the two floors has a sauna and sunbeds, but the mixed gym is larger than the ladies-only facility with over 70 machines catering for weight and cardiovascular training. You can book a session or a day pass.


Are you looking for an affordable option but still enjoy world-class facilities? Xercise4Less is one of the cheapest gyms in Nottingham, but surprisingly, you’ll always access high-end equipment, some of which are not available in most of the upper-end gyms around. You’ll be spending much less but not compromise on your fitness goals.

The facility offers a ladies only area, an octagon for MMA training and a boxing ring. It also offers group classes.

As you go through this list, you’ll quickly find a conveniently located facility that will suit your needs and preferences. 

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