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5 Major Responsibilities of Nurses

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5 Major Responsibilities of Nurses

Basic responsibility of the nurse is to take care of the patient, make sure the wellbeing of the patient and follow the health plan. But, there are some other responsibilities which need to be taken care by the nurse according to the law and ethics of the medical field.


According to statistics there are around 700000 licensed nurses in America. And all of the nurses have the basic responsibility of recording patient history and medication. If you take the education from the good University regarding the medical field then you will find that it is one of the major responsibility you need to follow. You need to write down on the paper the medication you are following. If you don’t have enough time in this regard then you can also get the nursing certifications online. This will allow you to get the learning online and get the certification which will give you the license. But make sure you are contacting the authorised institution which has the authority to give you the education in this regard. If you are educated and licensed then you will be able to easily understand the medication the patient is taking. You need to write down every detail by the hour. You need to compare the history of the patient and the medication the patient is taking. As a nurse, the major responsibility is to make sure the wellbeing of the patient. And the history and the medication record from the nurse will be ideal for that thing to happen. By reading those plans the doctor will be able to analyses effectively. This is the first thing the doctor reads when he enters the room of the patient. This is why it is an important part of the responsibility of the nurse.


This is not an alien thing for human beings. If you have visited even once in your life the medical hospital then, you must have seen the nurse be supportive. This is one of the ideal responsibility of the nurse. She will be supporting the patient until the recovery. Medically and morally the patient is not in good condition, so moral support is one of the healing procedure. Many of the times the nurse take care of the family of the patient when they are in sadness. She takes care and guides them according to the information she has. She tells them about the illness the patient has and how to cope up with the situation. She makes sure to have the human touch while talking to the family of the patient.


Some medical tests are not very difficult to do and also the responsibility of the nurse. When she is in the room of the patient when she performs the medical tests on the patient on usual basis. She checks the condition of the patient time to time, also the effectiveness of the medication on the patient. Because of the test she is applying the responsibility of the doctor will be minimal. By performing these test she will be having much more good relation with the patient.

Some of the heart patients are very vulnerable in this regard, which needs ECG test on timely basis. This is the responsibility of the nurse to check the ECG of the patient and make sure everything is upright. Same goes in other short of illness and diseases. The nurse also takes the test regarding the fatal condition of the patient. She performs the blood test and similar diagnostic tests to find out about the problem. She might not be getting the final result by these things but will bring out the basis for the doctor.


This responsibility is not much common in the. Third world countries but in the Western world it is very important. Maybe the patient is not able to advocate for his health and the recovery plan. This is where the nurse will be helpful and will be able to advocate for a better health plan for the patient. This responsibility is not only very touchy but very helpful. The nurse will make sure that the patient is getting all the major medication for the treatment and maybe the medical insurance, which will cover the expenses.

It will be like detective service from the nurse. She is the first person who will be able to analyses the condition of the patient. If she thinks that the patient is not getting the right amount of medication with relevancy, then she can tell the doctor.


Maybe one of the most important responsibilities of the nurse regarding the patient is to educate. She needs to tell the patient about the medication he is getting, the relevancy of the medication. She needs to know how the medication is going to help and how much time it will take. It will end the misery and pain of the patient by some distance. Remember that as an educator in this field you need to be the expert. This is why you need to get the license from the official medical University and the course which gives you the authority. After that you might be guiding other nurses in the field. Being a licensed nurse is not a piece of cake, but it is much profitable for every human being.


Helping out humanity is the major responsibility of the nurse. But she can’t start this thing from the scratch that is why she needs to be licensed in this regard. And this is easily possible by learning from the medical institution and getting the license from the institution which will take 12 months. After that you will be able to work in the field and make the wellbeing of patient possible. Follow all the procedure as a responsibility of nurse and abide by the protocol guaranteed to you.

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