by Best Agencies

Many people has gone to Dubai and then experienced the safari there. A number of them has enjoyed it but many of them had some concerns and issues which we want to address here being the expert in this matter.

Some of you asked that is it okay if our cars stuck on dunes and we push them out of it. It is something that is natural here and happens to lots of people? It is not!

If you have hired a good agent or travel agency then they will be beside you and will favor the safety of yours then, this dangerous adventure of driving over difficult dunes or being in the place where even the 4*4 gets stuck in the sand.

Many of you have asked that, our camel ride on desert safari Dubai was very way short. Yes it happens but there is a reason behind that. The camels can’t see in the dark as the humans and being in the Desert you don’t have enough light which can make them walk safely. It is better you either don’t take a long walk on the camel or just be fine with the short camel ride for your safety and comfort.

Some people were very angry and commented on their trip to the desert that it is not adventurous due to the fact that their car didn`t hit the dunes to didn`t bash the dunes aggressively, and made the trip like the oldies are sitting in there. It is not the trip for the oldies, it is due to the fact that many people did suffer some injuries during the trip in the past times and being for the safety. Especially for the children in the car, it is better to drive it slowly and steadily without much bashing to dunes. Though yeah it does sounds for oldies but it is also for those who want to stay safe and have fun but being non-hurt.

A number of people asked that why don`t we see much animals in the area To those people I will only say that this is a not a zoo, it is a desert and for those who have heard that they will see much animals here is due toe fact that many travel agencies have made that a bit possible by arranging wildlife drives. But, that is because of the reason that, there are some places in desert safari Dubai where you get the animals enjoying the feeding. But those animals move around here and there due to the feeding place being changed time to time. So, if you expected that, then sorry it is not something which you could visualize easily

From the above you could get, that there are many myths people have and I have tried to clarify them with as much information I had in my head. I hope your next experience to the desert will be more profitable and also adventurous but being safe as that is the ultimate happiness.

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