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5 Ways to Add a Dash of Luxury to Your Home

by Best Agencies
5 Ways to Add a Dash of Luxury to Your Home

Homes have a habit of becoming a little dated, especially when social trends change rapidly, and our personalities shift over time; wanting to add a little luxury into your home is only natural. If this sounds all too familiar but you’re struggling with the how, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you want to uplift just one room or your whole home, we’ve got the perfect strategies outlined below.

Add Some House Plants

If you’re restricted to a small budget, you can easily breathe luxury into your home with a few well-placed houseplants. As well as looking great, plants have a calming effect on the mind, which is great for managing the stresses of life. There’s a lot you can do with houseplants, from choosing the colour of the pot to the type of plant. Even if you don’t have time to take care of a plant, fake plants carry some of the same fantastic benefits.

Use Quirky Furniture

Statement furniture is a great way to show off your personality and elevate the class of the space. If you’ve got room in the budget for nothing else, we recommend choosing a statement piece of furniture and then worrying about other additions later on. For example, you can shop this contemporary modern range of furniture at ligne-roset-hampstead.co.uk.

Going Neutral

If you’ve ever taken a look at Scandinavian interior design, you’ll know how luxurious it looks. One of the reasons for this is the neutral colours used as a base, which has been shown to add tranquillity to the home. According to Sellhousefast.co.uk, the most popular neutral colour for a home is grey. Once you’ve chosen a neutral base, any statement pieces you integrate will pop.

Think Upholstery

Life can be a little hectic at times, leaving us no time to shop in-store or online, let alone choose which furniture to buy – then you add the complications of deciding on a pattern and style you like. However, if you’ve got a piece of luxury furniture that’s looking a little worse for wear, you can reupholster to give it a new lease of life. Simply choose a print you like, cut off the old one, and get to work with a stapler or sewing kit.

Change Up the Lights

An easy way to elevate the aesthetic of your home is by updating light fixtures, which won’t break the bank either. There’s so much you can do with this, whether you’re introducing new lamps in a bedroom or switching out those stale-looking kitchen pendant lights. As well as changing up the fixtures, you can even welcome smart technology into your home, allowing you to change light colour and brightness depending on your mood.

When you open your doors to luxurious interior design, you’re choosing to feel comfortable and cosy, which is a commodity everyone deserves at home. No matter what your budget looks like, you’ll find a suitable luxury addition listed above, so what are you waiting for?

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