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Top 10 Accountancy Firms in Wolverhampton

by Best Agencies
Top 10 Accountancy Firms in Wolverhampton

The role of the chartered accountant is not limited to drawing up the accounts of the company. Indeed, this professional figure has multidisciplinary skills. This allows him to advise the manager on various areas of accounting, legal, financial, tax and social matters. During the development phase, he supports him in all strategic decision-making (merger, creation of a subsidiary, etc.). Contribution of the chartered accountant for entrepreneurs The accountant has a leading role in the creation or takeover of a company. Thanks to their in-depth skills, they will be able to advise the entrepreneur on the choice of legal status. Indeed, such a decision will have a real impact in the future. It is the status of the company that will determine the tax regime to which it will be subject (IS or IR), as well as the social obligations that will be incumbent on the manager.  The accountant will also support the business creator in the tax optimization of his entrepreneurial project. It can also help it find the necessary funding to start activities. On this point, the accountant will give it more credibility with financial partners, especially banks. Therefore, you must consider who are the best accountancy firms in Wolverhampton before making a decision.

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Emslie Bird Ltd

Real world accounting advice with minimum jargon and they “go the extra mile every time”. They work across a wide range of business spheres including business development. They have maintained and developed technologies that allow them to work with up to date trends and more.  Paul Bird and Joan Emslie are the founders of Emslie Bird. They also claim they have affordable and competitive prices for companies that need the extra help.

Taxassist Accountants

TaxAssist Accountants offer clients a personal service. Their team is always available to answer your tax and accountancy queries which means they have impeccable availability which is important for brands. Their clients benefit from many services which allow them to  build their business and gain good contacts. They cover all areas of business and they also have a network of business individuals to offer advice and build a community.

Garratt Accountants

Garratt Accountancy specialises in Accountancy and Tax services for Small businesses, Sole Traders, Contractors and Freelancers. They claim to be committed and resourceful and have a small team of under thirty working with them. They seek to improve efficiency in business and are constantly developing. They offer accountancy services that allow businesses to thrive. They have over ten years experience in the business. They also offer financial planning services that will allow companies to work with their budgets.

Cotterell Company

Established in 1990, Cotterell & Co is an independent firm of chartered accountants and business advisors. They offer businesses a huge range of accountancy and business advisory services to private individuals and companies. They work across a range of sectors also and have been in the business since 1991. Since then, new partners have joined and the company has grown. They have a large team and are proud members of the Sage accountancy club.


Founded in 1998, they have a specialist team of accountants, bookkeepers and tax advisors who are experts in working with small businesses. Their focus is on the smaller companies and building relationships that last. They like to be close to their clients. The services are tailored to meet your specific requirements also which means that you can talk through your worries or fears. Hours of work are flexible, so you can realise that you are always being taken care of.

Turl & Co Ltd

We are a small, friendly, accountancy practice specialising in small businesses. They work with companies to offer help with tax advice, tax returns, annual accounts, bookkeeping, VAT, payroll and other accountancy services. This company has plenty of experience and also pride themselves on the fact that they have won two awards in the past year. Their slogan is “Helping you get the best from your business with expert advice on tax and bookkeeping” and


Chartered Accountants work with many clients, large and small, but they specialise in start-up, and payroll (and related services, including auto-enrolment). They work with businesses to ensure that they are on the straight and narrow, and give impeccable information to companies relating to tax advisory/consultancy, audit and corporate finance. They claim to be forward-thinking and work to a strict set of values.

SAS Senior Accounting Services

SAS Senior helps companies that are falling behind on their work. They help companies to get their paperwork in order, including self-employed people who may be struggling with how the tax system works. Their slogan is ‘helping your business go the distance’. They also assist companies with recruitment. They have over 20 years experience in helping businesses blossom.

Lancaster Haskins Llp

This chartered account company in Wolverhampton. They are strategic and honest and they have a team of over 40 professionals and 6 Partners. They work with companies across all spectrums, business start-ups to large organisations across an array of sectors. With a client-focused approach, they work to ensure that every company has the accountancy help that it needs. These are larger and smaller issues that businesses face. They also have a section on their website for industry news.

Oscroft & Co Ltd

This company not only offers services to business but also training. They offer their very own tax return workshops that allow self-employed people to learn about the industry and how the tax system works. Run by Charlotte Pook, and the company is practically run through Charlotte. She offers one-to-one advice and works with them on a personal level to ensure that you know what everything means. She speaks in a simple language without any jargon that you don’t understand. She has over ten years of experience in the industry.

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