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20+ Best SEO Services Companies in Cardiff

by Best Agencies
20+ Best SEO Services Companies in Cardiff

Cardiff has some incredible talent working in some of the best SEO services companies. As you might have noticed, local SEO is very popular. In fact, some say that it’s even more important than global SEO strategies. So expect content strategies to play a front and centre role in garnering new customers for businesses. We think that now is the perfect time to give you a rundown of who’s who, so you can choose which company can help you the most as you join the economic recovery.

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Focusing on content marketing as PPC ads, Newicon is leading the best SEO services companies in the city. With a clear plan to boost your return on investment, they have been known to convert leads into long-term customers that will see you through hard times. Their approach is data-driven so you have a sharpened focus on what needs to improve.

Brand Burp

With over 100 websites they’ve got to rank #1 on SERPs, this is an SEO company that any brand would want to work with. They’ve also been able to create many Facebook pages and market them successfully to drive consumer engagement. Social media and influencer marketing are just some of their top services. However, they can also promote your YouTube channel.


Ecommerce is far and above, beating in-person retail shopping. If you would like to launch your new eCommerce website then utilise this service they offer. With images, photographs and great SEO product descriptions, you can build a world-beating website page by page. Take a look at their website design service, and you’ll see they focus on creating a vibrant and modern approach.

HML marketing

Keyword research is their bread and butter. You have to know what is trending before you can utilise it to your advantage. They also provide link building services by featuring your brand in local directories, online directories in other countries as well as using blog outreach services to penetrate foreign markets. Analysis and reporting is another area they can provide their expertise in.

Pearl Lemon

Local SEO is on the top of the agenda. They will get your business on the map, literally. Google Maps is by far the most important local SEO platform that you can use. They will help to promote your customer reviews, create a full interactive profile which users can explore on their phones or on their computers. Their other services include PPC and content writing.


They’ll start off with keyword research so they can provide you with as much ammunition as your campaign will need. They can provide you with off-site and on-site SEO strategies for a thoroughly diverse and well-thought-out link-building approach. As you probably guessed, local SEO is also on offer, so you can build up a presence in your city or town before venturing out further.


14 years of experience and still going strong. They will optimise your page speed as well as your content. You have to keep everyone guessing so content has to be interesting and informative each time you post to your business blog. They also offer a range of other optimisations such as code, image and meta optimisations. 24/7 reporting is offered so you can keep ahead of your marketing campaign as it spreads.


One of their services is advanced web analytics. This is going to help your employees figure out how to read Google Analytics. This is brilliant for your own marketing strategies beyond SEO. however, if you couple it with their email marketing service you can better target customers with a higher chance of responding positively to your products and brand.

Thomas Design

Up to date rankly reports will be flying into your email every single month. This helps to shine a light on areas where you are falling flat. Maybe your PPC ads are not working at a certain time of day, could you move them to another and improve the response? They will also perform a key term audit, so you can know which keywords are worth bidding for next time around.


Coming at SEO marketing from a data-drive approach, they will initiate a website analysis so you can understand what the click-through rate is, cursor hover time over links, and which images are the most popular. On top of this RBSEO can contribute to your business blog through content writing. This is different from blog writing, as the content is much more focussed i.e. the narrative is led by you.


Focussing on mainly small business SEO, they offer conversion rate optimisation to help you gain more long-term customers. Crucially, it will be done with an SEO audit, so you know which part of your campaign is working and what keywords will be playing a key role in your future. Based on a modest 10 reviews, it has a 5-star rating.

 Pinnacle internet marketing

One of the few SEO companies that have SEO packages on offer, making it more affordable for small businesses. They also offer LinkedIn marketing, which is very good to get your name out there among industry experts. Branding is a key cornerstone of this company too, so you have a chance to connect some of your biggest marketing campaigns into one for a more consistent and easy-to-understand message.


Organic marketing is this company’s main approach. This is so important in this day and age whereby, organic growth is difficult to achieve during the pandemic. You need loyal customers to keep you above water, but organic growth allows new customers to find you. So blog content is crucial. However they also offer an SEO audit and analysis report for you to shape your campaign more accurately.


With 472 #1 page rankings, they know a thing or two about SEO. video content is critical for your SEO campaign. They focus on making clients an initial video audit so they can quickly rundown some things that would shape their website to become more SEO compliant. They do off-site and on-site linking so you have a good solid foundation of traffic-based growth.

Digital rng

Covering the big three social media platforms, they can make a hashtag campaign and a product description that can boost your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages. For eCommerce, they can make the off-site linking much more effective so landing pages actually impact your marketing campaign without boosting the bounce rate. They also have a Google Shopping SEO service you may want.

Jackdaw Marketing

Sales-driving marketing as opposed to data-driven? Well, yes, this is something that not enough SEO companies offer. Data can wrap you up in theory, but salesis hard evidence of what works. PPC is the bread and butter, and it approaches it very well as fine-tuning PPC is much more feasible than other strategies.


With 49,000 reviews and a 4.6-star rating, this is one of the best SEO services companies on the market, let alone in the city. Using key performance indicators, they will design a campaign that focuses on your strengths. Their reporting skills are fantastic, showing you which keywords would work for your brand, and what type of content you should be pumping out on a regular basis to boost your organic growth.

Position 1

Cheap SEO packages are the priority for any SEO company that wishes to help itself out of this economic crash we’re in. Position 1 is focussing on a wide range of SEO services but this is one of them. With 5-star ratings on Google, Yell and other ratings websites, it’s clear to see why. It has tremendous articles about SEO, with lots of detail and planning. The auditing and reports are going to help shape your campaign to success.

Search Berg

This company has a large section on content marketing. Guest blogging is an amazing tool you can use to give your blog more credibility by having someone knowledgeable about your industry write a fascinating piece for you. But they also offer press release writing too, so you can keep the media interested and thus, help your cause on social media.


With many keyword optimisations, they know a thing or two about curating the best SEO blog posts. They can create natural but powerful SEO anchor texts, which will embed in any blog post, any product description and or social media post. Take a look at their mobile app creation service, where they can develop new software for your brand.


Start with a good old-fashioned SEO audit, so you know what works and what doesn’t. Then you will disavow bad links, and promote authoritative links. Then you will rejuvenate your keyword list and begin to cultivate better content and PPC ads to begin your revival. Along the way, you get real-time measurements of how well your campaign is doing.

These are just some of the best SEO services companies in the city of Cardiff. Many of them cover the basics, but some do some weird and wonderful services too such as YouTube channel marketing and also SEO reporting.

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