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Top 10 Accountancy Firms in Leicester

by Best Agencies
Accountancy Firms in Leicester

Leicester’s geographical position meant that it was essentially destined to become a centre of industry. While the city has had its share of hard times, it’s always found a way through them. Modern Leicester is one of the UK’s key economic hubs. As such, it’s filled with all kinds of businesses, including accountants. Here is a list of the top 10 accountancy firms in Leicester.

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M Cubed

M Cubed provides all the usual accountancy services (e.g. tax and payroll) It also offers a range of advisory and consulting services. These range from guidance on starting a new business to advice on setting up your financial systems. They are able to provide unlimited phone support as well as responding to questions sent by email.

This firm is very much local to Leicester so may not be ideal if you’re looking to work across the UK or internationally. Its narrow focus does, however, mean that it has a lot of expert knowledge about businesses in Leicester and the Midlands.


As the name suggests Taxsolvers are, first and foremost, specialists in tax management. They also offer the core accounting services, namely bookkeeping, accounting, payroll and the preparation of financial records. They can also provide advice on starting a new business and help with financial forecasting.

Taxsolvers is another very local firm. They tend to work with sole traders, partnerships and other smaller businesses. They can, however, also support larger companies. Taxsolvers may not be the best choice if you need support for international business. They are, however, experts in UK law and practice.

Mark J Rees Llp

Mark J Rees Llp is one of the longest-established accountancy firms in Leicester. It was founded in 1938. While it’s understandably proud of its long history, the firm has definitely kept up with the times. Its website is easy to navigate, it’s present on several social media platforms and it offers consultations by videocall.

As you would expect from this, Mark J Rees Llp also supports cloud accounting. It’s a bronze partner for Xero and also supports Quickbooks and Sage as well as KashFlow. Its service catalogue includes all the core accountancy services along with some broader ones. In particular, it is capable of supporting businesses working internationally.

Gower Accountancy (Midland)

Gower Accountancy was founded in 2006. Back then it was a sole trader. Now it’s a limited company with a small but very talented team. It grew its business organically and continues to do so. Along its path to growth, it worked out what it needed to do to deliver what its clients wanted. It also worked with and learned from a diverse range of businesses.

As a result, Gower Accountancy has a wealth of expertise to go along with its talent and training. It can help businesses of all sizes and across a wide range of industries. This firm prides itself on retaining the core of traditional accounting practices but updating them for a modern, digital world.

MSA Accountancy

MSA Accountancy is a firm of certified public accountants and business advisors. As such, they provide all the core services you’d expect from an accountancy firm in Leicester. They also provide a diverse range of value-add ones. 

These include a few surprising offerings such as company secretarial services. For clarity, this essentially means the completion and/or submission of legal documents such as the People with Significant Control (PSC) Register. In addition to its diverse service catalogue, MSA Accountancy also supports a diverse range of businesses and individuals.

R H Ball & Co

R. H. Ball & Co describe themselves as accounts and tax consultants. This is what forms the core of their business (especially tax). They also offer a range of business advisory services. R. H. Ball & Co is very focused on sole traders, small and medium-sized businesses. Their services are, hence, created and delivered with this user group in mind.

For this reason, R. H. Ball and Co might not be the best choice for larger and/or international companies. It is, however, an excellent and cost-effective option for the self-employed and smaller businesses. 

The Zak Partnership Limited

The Zak Partnership Limited was established in 1993. It provides an extensive selection of services relating to financial management in general and tax management in particular. The Zak Partnership is very much focused on smaller businesses, partnerships, sole traders and individuals.

Larger businesses and businesses wanting to operate internationally may need to look elsewhere. Smaller businesses and individuals, by contrast, are likely to be very happy with the quality of service and the friendly, personal approach.

Torr Waterfield

Torr Waterfield was established in the year 2000. Since then it’s become one of the most respected accountancy firms in Leicester. In addition to its range of core accountancy and compliance services, it also offers business advisory and consultancy services. As a bonus, its website is full of free resources. The firm works with clients of diverse sizes and sectors and can provide remote support.


Watergates has its roots and physical presence in Leicester. It does, however, also have extensive reach around the Midlands and UK as a whole. It also has a wide and diverse client base so it has a wide range of professional experience on which to draw. 

This firm commits to keeping its work in-house. There is no hidden outsourcing. It prides itself on offering its clients tailored solutions at cost-effective prices. It supports cloud accounting technology and can assist businesses in deciding which cloud accounting package is best for their needs.

Whitehall Accountants

Whitehall Accountants started in 2008. It survived and thrived by offering best-in-breed services at prices businesses could afford. This is still the basis of its success today. Whitehall Accountants are very much focused on tax planning and tax management. It does, however, offer many additional services.

This firm aims to work in partnership with its clients. Its aim is to create an offering that covers exactly what each client needs and wants, no less and no more. It invests heavily in training and developing its staff so they can always offer the very highest standards in everything they do.

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