Home Shopping 10 Best Hardware Shops in Bolton: Your Go-To Guide

10 Best Hardware Shops in Bolton: Your Go-To Guide

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10 Best Hardware Shops in Bolton: Your Go-To Guide

Bolton, a town steeped in industrial history and community spirit, boasts an impressive array of hardware shops catering to every DIY enthusiast and professional tradesperson alike. Whether you’re looking for tools, materials, or expert advice, these ten hardware stores stand out for their quality products, customer service, and commitment to meeting the diverse needs of Bolton’s residents. Let’s dive into the top hardware shops that Bolton has to offer:

1. Bolton Hardware Store

Located centrally on Main Street, Bolton Hardware Store is a cornerstone of the community. It stocks a comprehensive range of tools, from basic DIY essentials to specialized equipment for plumbing, carpentry, and electrical work. Their knowledgeable staff provide excellent customer service and are always ready with helpful tips and advice.

2. Smithson’s Tools & Supplies

A family-owned business with over four decades of experience, Smithson’s is renowned for its competitive prices and extensive inventory. Whether you need gardening tools, hardware for home renovations, or industrial-grade equipment, Smithson’s has it all. They pride themselves on personalized service and a commitment to quality.

3. Harper’s Home Improvement Warehouse

For those tackling larger projects, Harper’s Home Improvement Warehouse offers a vast selection of building materials and construction supplies. Located on the outskirts of Bolton, they cater to both DIY enthusiasts and contractors. Their bulk buying options and delivery service make them a favorite among local builders.

4. Townsend’s DIY Centre

Situated in the heart of Bolton’s shopping district, Townsend’s DIY Centre is a treasure trove for home improvement enthusiasts. They stock everything from paint and wallpaper to power tools and kitchen fittings. Customers appreciate their competitive pricing and the convenience of finding everything they need under one roof.

5. Bolton Builders Merchant

Specializing in supplies for builders and tradespeople, Bolton Builders Merchant is known for its comprehensive range of bricks, cement, timber, and roofing materials. They prioritize quality brands and competitive pricing, making them a preferred choice for professional contractors working on both residential and commercial projects.

6. ToolTech Supplies

ToolTech Supplies caters to the needs of both DIY hobbyists and professional tradespeople. They offer a wide selection of hand tools, power tools, and workshop accessories. Located just off the main highway, their store layout and knowledgeable staff ensure a pleasant shopping experience for all customers.

7. Northern Hardware Solutions

Northern Hardware Solutions prides itself on being more than just a hardware store. They offer specialized services such as key cutting, tool repairs, and bespoke solutions for specific projects. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and community engagement has earned them a loyal following in Bolton.

8. Hilltop Hardware Emporium

Nestled in the scenic outskirts of Bolton, Hilltop Hardware Emporium combines a charming countryside setting with a well-stocked inventory of hardware essentials. Whether you’re gardening, renovating, or crafting, they offer personalized service and expert advice to help you find the right tools for the job.

9. Crompton’s Tools & Supplies

Known for their attention to detail and commitment to quality, Crompton’s Tools & Supplies is a favorite among tradespeople in Bolton. They carry a wide range of professional-grade tools and equipment, ensuring that customers can find everything they need for any project, big or small.

10. Greenfield Hardware

Located in Bolton’s bustling marketplace, Greenfield Hardware is a one-stop shop for all things hardware-related. They stock a diverse range of products, including plumbing fixtures, electrical supplies, and gardening tools. Their friendly staff and competitive prices make them a go-to destination for local residents.


Whether you’re embarking on a weekend DIY project or managing a large-scale construction endeavor, Bolton’s hardware shops offer a wealth of options to meet your needs. From specialized tools to expert advice and friendly service, these ten establishments represent the best of Bolton’s hardware retail landscape. Next time you’re in need of supplies or inspiration, consider visiting one of these top-rated stores to experience firsthand what makes them integral parts of the Bolton community’s DIY culture.

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