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We are living in the 21st century. There are many devices many gadgets many innovative technologies came in the century which can amaze everyone. By the time we are getting the latest and advanced smartphones with all the features. There have been many smart devices came into our life which can fulfill our desire easily. Not only the desire can be fulfilled but it also can save your time by the smart devices. For example, smartwatches came into our life which has different types of features. They can check your health, check your daily routine and also they can give you the time which is the prime feature of the watch. But does the smartwatches work for you?

Pros are There

As there are benefits with everything we can find the benefits with the smartwatches. Smartwatches have hundreds of features that can amaze you which includes the health checkup, payment facilities, and picture taking. Some of the features can be very top-notch like the basic smartwatches these days can give you the feature of checking the heartbeat while you are running or walking.

Some high-end smartwatches can even allow you to communicate with each other as you do on the smartphone and you can even take the pictures. You can call your friend and loved ones and you can text them as you can do with your smartphone.

Because of the smartphone connected to the smartwatches you need to make sure that the smartwatches of good quality which can connect with the new smartphones available. There are some smartwatches which don’t have the facility to allow you to call or text but only give you features like health checkup and smart timing. They will not allow you to connect to a smartphone and also WhatsApp your friend and relatives. But the question is remaining that should we spend the money on buying smartwatches? The thing is that smartwatches are good but they are not the best.

Cons are Prevalent Also

In general, there are many smartwatches including many famous brands like rolex available. you can see brands Sell Rolex London. Most of them are good. Some of them are very fragile. If you are willing to buy the thing then you should remember that they will be fragile and they might break. Not only this is the problem but also if they break you can’t repair them at a cheap cost.

Some of the good qualities smartwatches can go from $300 to $1000. Good companies from across the globe can give you smartwatches that have all the features. Smartwatches from Samsung, smartwatches from Apple on the top of the list. But they can be good but they can be expensive.

You should also remember that smartwatches are not good in terms of battery life. Some smartwatches might give you the one day limit of the battery but others might lose the battery within some hours.

What should be done?

Now the question is that there are pros and there are disadvantages to the smartwatches. So what should be done? This answer is very easy and also very difficult. It depends on every individual. Why do you want the thing for you? If there is the requirement and you don’t have any other luxury than smartwatches might work for you. They can be very helpful for the people who are athletes who want to check their health rates. They can be helpful for the people, who want to be commute while using the phone.

Features which can make you decide

Let us try to see the features and then decide should we get the thing or not.


Most smartwatches will not have the luxury of the apps installed in them. But the basic apps of health will be there. You can check the health of yourself with the monitor installed.


The good quality smartwatches can be connected to your smartphone and you can check the notification which comes at your smartphone transfer to your smartwatch. This will be very feasible for the people who are very fast in their work and they don’t want to put out their smartphone in the hand but can check the notification on the wrist. The notifications of the text and also the call you get can be seen by this. The newest Apple watch will even give you the notification if you are away from the smartwatch. It will sense if you are with the smartwatch or not.

Media Management

Now you can manage the media you are playing on your smartphone. If you are playing the music on your Apple phone then you can switch the song by your apple watch. You can also increase and decrease the volume.


If you want to check the location where you are right now then you can use the GPS locator on the smartwatch. This feature is very common in smartwatches and it can be helpful but for certain individuals.


So if we want to conclude the whole conversation then the answer will be very simple that depends on the individual and the budget you have you can buy the smartwatch. If you need the device which can be helpful while you are traveling around then a smartphone can be connected to the smartwatch and you will be able to see all the notifications on your smartwatch directly. But most of the time the uses are very minimal on the smartwatches. If you think that as an athlete or as an individual it is beneficial for you then you can spend your hard-earned on the smartwatch otherwise you are good to go with the smartphone you already have. Which has all the similar features but only that needs to be used by the hand and can’t be worn on the wrist!

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